Take just over 2 minutes out of your day like over 12,000 people have to watch this DECLUTTERING MOTIVATION - Your Minimalism Pep Talk video. If you are looking for some decluttering motivation to inspire you to tackle your clutter, this is the video for you! This can be one of your go-to decluttering motivation videos whenever you need some decluttering inspiration or want some minimalism motivation!

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Duration: 2:32 Minutes

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Strong Points From This Video:

  • you're probably feeling frustrated by the stuff in your life
  • perhaps your space makes you feel out of control and you know that something needs to change
  • perhaps you're sick of not knowing where stuff is
  • focus on one section at a time
  • sometimes it really hard to keep going you might even feel alone at times but the destination will be so worth it

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Abundantly Minimal

Top Quotes From The Video:

"Good thing your stuff and your past does not define you, each new day is an opportunity to live better and more intentionally than you did before."
"You can live the life you want and it starts by taking a courageous step."
"The first step, a step where you decide that enough is enough, the step where you decide to take action."
"The journey to declutter your life is messy at times."
"Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle, this is your journey and you can live your best life with less you."
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Pablo de la Fuente

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