Write like a Champion

Write like a Champion

Clear, impactful writing is the desired goal for any writer. You want to connect with your audience.

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To improve on your writing skills and connect with your readers, you may find these tips helpful.

Understand and know your audience.

Writing is a form of communication, and it is essential to know your audience so you speak in a language they understand, keeping in mind that your readers may not know the meaning of words or technical terms that come automatically to you.

Be engaging with your topic.

Something is fascinating about every subject, no matter how obscure. Your purpose as a writer is to find that interest and highlight it so it engages the audience.

Keep it short and straightforward.

Short sentences and small words can be powerful. Dare to challenge yourself to communicate a complex idea with simple language.

Test the simplicity of your story. Read it out loud. If a sentence is complex for you to say, it may be difficult for readers to understand. A program like Grammarly scans your text for common grammatical mistakes and complex ones.

For many readers, time is in short supply. Communicate your message as directly as possible. When editing your work, review whether each word and sentence needs to be there.

Lee Pryke, Writer

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A good structure in the writing process will provide a clear framework that reinforces the reader's understanding. Divide your writing into digestible bites.

When using images within the content, consider how relatable your writing is in conjunction with the visuals. You can use images to separate long blocks of text. Be tasteful and balance the content with the visuals.


Editing is essential to high-quality writing. It is helpful to take a short break between writing and editing so your mind has time to refresh and restart the editing process.

Lee Pryke, Intuitive Life Coach, Writer

Reading to Improve Writing

Good writers are good readers. The more that you read, the better you can internalize other authors styles and techniques. Read some of your favourite books and articles. and when you encounter a sentence or paragraph that moves you, reread it closely, and take notes. You will develop a unique style of writing that appeals to your broader audience.

You will be writing like a Champion!