The Mixology of Content Marketing

The Mixology of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a bit like mixing the perfect drink. Great cocktails are all about balance.

The Mixology of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a bit like mixing the perfect drink.

Delivering pitch perfect content to a receptive audience ‘means serving up ice-cold information in a way that makes it easy to swallow. Get your measures wrong and the mix is a disaster.’

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Content Marketing Cocktail

Great cocktails are all about balance: the bitters bringing out the sweetness and warmth of a classic Old Fashioned, the crisp celery against the salt and spice of a Bloody Mary. Great content needs the same balance—and if you stretch out the comparison—often uses the same classic recipes.

I love this Infographic metaphor that puts perspective on creating great content.

  • If you’re sharing Industry news, make it like a Bloody Mary: Add a bit of spice and give your readers something to chew on.
  • If you’re making an online video, think of it like a Margarita: Shake things up then add a bit of a salty or sweet edge.
  • If you’re using viral content, mix up a Tom Collins. Identify what you want to achieve, and decide whether you want to play up the sour twist or the sugar sweet finish. Mix 1 part Strong Message and 1part Compelling Story.
Lee Pryke, Intuitive Life Coach

What are People Searching For

Knowing what people are searching for helps you build a great piece of content to deliver to the right audience. In my search for understanding content writing better, I found this WEBSITE. You have options on how to search and see how many, in what country, and what topic people are searching for. It is a wonderful tool and here is a video that explains the value of checking it out.....

The Seeker

Working with Klusster has spurred a passion inside and I must quench my thirst...with the perfectly mixed cocktail!