The Internet has truly become a Necessity for Survival

The Internet has truly become a Necessity for Survival

It is essential to equality of opportunity, access to credit, access to education, and growing your business more efficiently.

Those of us who can, are working from home. School boards are asking our children learn from home. We are ordering our food, doing our shopping, and connecting with our friends and family over the internet. This isn’t a new conversation; we are over two years in this new dynamic. Those who have a brick-and-mortar business are taking their business online, or at least they should be.

Why You Should Start Doing Business Online

There is a lot to be said about putting your business online. Although it may sound complicated or risky, there are many good reasons to running your business online.

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Without a website, blog, or online presence prospective clients could begin to wonder how serious you are about business. In this new environment the pandemic has created companies of all sizes and industries are establishing a successful online presence. Your prospects and customers are expecting you to have one.

Accessibility 24/7

A key benefit to having an e-commerce website is that your clients and prospects can learn about your products and place orders at any time — day or night.

That means that you can generate more leads, sales, and inquiries while you are closed and follow up with those prospects and customers once you open the next day.

Lee Pryke, Intuitive Life Coach

Better Customer Support

Being online allows you to answer questions, give sales webinars, and solve customer problems—all without taking any of your time. When you create a video, a product sheet, or a FAQ section on your website once, you can direct clients to that information for years. This free’s up more time to focus on the revenue generating activities in your business and spend less time handling common customer service issues.

The beauty of the internet is that your prospective client(s) can literally be just one click away from your online store. You can accept orders and payments and receive them directly to your inbox.

You'll want to learn effective ways to drive traffic to your website; the more people who find you online the more leads and sales you'll make.

Live / Work from Anywhere

You can live virtually anywhere while you conduct your online business.

The world has gotten very small and you can take advantage of this. Live where you want to, and let your business adapt to your lifestyle instead of the other way around.

Lee Pryke, Intuitive Life Coach

Reduce Operation Costs

Just one single task can make a significant difference in cost savings. For example, receiving orders online reduces the need for customer service staff. With comprehensive sales and product information online, you’ll simply receive purchase orders and payments via email or into your database. Staff numbers can be reduced, thus office space and related office expenses.

A really good sales video, sales letter, blog, or online webinar presentation can replace a full-time salesperson. Other functions can include pre-emptive customer service—such as answering client questions via a FAQ section or a customer forum.

Global Market

The success of an online business depends on the same thing as any offline business: marketing. Learn how to increase blog traffic. Content marketing is a great way to increase traffic to your site / online store.