The Cost of Explainer Videos

The Cost of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a popular video marketing strategy used by businesses of all sizes to help explain products, services, drive conversions, and improve SEO.

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How much does an explainer video cost?

To help you determine the budget, you will need to create an explainer video, considering these three factors as you set your goals.

  • The length of your video,
  • The production quality you are looking for, and
  • Whether you plan to hire an agency or create it in-house.

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Production Costs of an Explainer Video

Hopefully, you agree that a good quality video is worth your time, effort, and money by now. However, there'll be many questions popping up in your mind, including what outcome you are getting for the money spent. Why does a good-quality explainer video cost so much? What is required to make a good Explainer video?

Below we have covered a step-by-step process for creating an Explainer Video.

Explainer Simple Process

Explainer video development is a six-phase process.

Research - Thorough research is vital for creating a good explainer video. The video must succeed in fulfilling the company's and customers' needs. Thus the first and the foremost step is understanding the company, its product/service, and what message the company wants to send. Similarly, understanding the target audience is also very important. This will help the production find the most suitable words and images that appeal to the viewers.

Scripting - Getting the suitable script. A professional explainer video's main aim is to help the business achieve its targets. It is achieved by understanding the company's message to its customers and using a creative and innovative script to channel it to the target audience. To get the perfect script, a professional studio runs several revisions.

Storyboard/Animatic – Once the script is ready, next comes the creation of still images. At this phase, the explainer video comes to life. Scenes are created, and characters are given life. At this stage, your feedback plays a crucial role.

Voiceover or Narration – At this stage, the characters are given voices. Again, selecting the right voice for the characters is very important. Recording for the script's spoken parts is completed at this stage.

Animation – Selecting a professional and experienced animator will help you get an attractive video. Though everything is created using software, the process needs lots of technical know-how, a creative mind, and time.

Sound Design – It is the final phase of the process. At this stage, background score and other sound effects get added to the video.

The steps mentioned above might look easy, but every step involves many tasks that finally create a quality video. Some of the functions include:

  • The casting of voice characters
  • Creating the right background music
  • Licensing music
  • Making amendments based on your feedback
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Besides technical requirements, other factors affect the video cost, including the time duration of the video. The longer the video duration, the higher the price will be.

Factors in deciding the Budget

Duration of video

Animation videos are one of the most common types of Explainer Videos. The price of an animated explainer video is based on length. The production house planning and execution are based on these numbers. The first one minute of the video is the most expensive. However, the latest research has shown that shorter videos attract more viewers than longer ones.

Style of video

Another factor that directly affects the cost of an explainer video is the style chosen. Nowadays, different types of video styles are available in the market. Most of the styles follow the cost-per-second calculation method. Choose a style that suits your company image, marketing goals, and, most importantly, your budget.

Some of the most common video styles

  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Live-Action
  • Stop-Motion
  • Motion Capture

Stop-motion and Motion Capture are very expensive, and always better to go for production houses that have expertise in these styles.


Explainer videos have become a marketing necessity in the current digital market. Thus having a good video is essential to have a competitive edge and attract potential buyers.

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