SEO Alt tags for images

SEO Alt tags for images

Alt tagging, in an SEO world, makes a difference.

Wondering how you can boost your businesses SEO even more? Do not overlook the value of creating Alt tags on your photos. By including a description on at least one image per webpage you will increase the chances of Google finding your company and sending more traffic your way.

What is an alt tag?

Alt is short for alternative, and tags are words that are meant to highlight what you’re trying to get found for online. The text from alt tags gives an alternative way for search engines to find relevant information for what users are searching. It appears in the source code of your website and can improve your rankings. Additionally, if an image fails to load properly, the alt tag will serve as a description so that the user knows what was intended to be visible.

There are three main reasons that alt tags are beneficial to your website:

  1. Images are more easily found on search engines
  2. There will be improved SEO
  3. Easier access to your website
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How do you write a good alt tag?

Coming up with an effective alt tag is easy: understand your goals, add relevant keywords, describe the picture, keep it short and simple.

Images are all about perspective, you need to share yours. Understand the objective of your website and align your alt tag wording to convey that message. Decide what is important to you in the photo and focus on that particular aspect. Staying focused on the goal(s) of your website is a great starting off point for the right alt tag.

Any good SEO professional can tell you that using the right keywords is key! Same goes when you’re creating your alt tags. Ask yourself what your clients would type in Google to find what you offer? Your keywords will align with your goals and by inserting them in alt tags your pictures can now start getting found when clients are looking for images. A word of caution, using a keyword once in your alt tag is plenty. No one likes too much repetition, not even the bots scanning your content.

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It’s also important to describe your photo and to be precise in the words that you choose. The words in the alt tag are what’s communicated to search engines, allowing them to better understand what your page is all about. Be sure to keep it simple, no need for big, complicated words, just get to the point clearly.

Finally, avoid lengthy sentences. The general rule is a maximum of 125 characters, if it gets too long search engines won’t take the time to scan the entire text. Staying focused on your goal(s) and keywords should help keep the length within the suggested range.

Alt tagging is important

There are many SEO tools that can be used to help improve your visibility with search engines. Some may be more impactful than others. Rest assured there will always be alterations and advancements in technology that will impact SEO.

Including an effective alt tag on your images however, will remain a simple and direct way to enhance visibility online.

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