Market Like An Animal :)

Market Like An Animal :)

SLOOOW DOWN. With Klusster, if you follow a few simple steps, take some cues from the animal world, we know you can have more fun getting your messages out.

Market Like An Animal

TAKE CUES FROM THE ANIMAL WORLD: Sometimes, doing something as simple as doing yard work with a partner gives you that lift to work an extra hour or so. There are so many examples that come to mind where the power of together, brings strength.

We all know that geese fly in a V-Formation. It is a symbol of community known throughout the world. Imagine, birds figured out that every one of them flies farther and faster while working as a group.

The Average Marketing Plan Today... a Klusster Muck of activity. Business are struggling with a million tasks and they run a business?  How are they ever able to keep up?

Market, like and animal


Solution: Create A Klusster

A klusster is a group of businesses that get together to create online magazine that allows EVERYONE in the GROUP to benefit.

Using Klusster every "ANIMAL" leverages their strengths and

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We take a lot from the animal world. Although cats are generally solo animals, the lion pride serves to show us how survival and collective benefit can occur through grouping. A tight infrastructure lead by a dozen or so females and up to three males, prides work together for group survival. By hunting together, the ability to thrive increases incredibly.

So when it comes to marketing, it just makes sense, that you travel in groups and market like an animal.


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Klusster Media has driven over 35 Million people through proper SEO. With an amazing service partner base, we help LOCAL businesses develop long term easy strategies to consistently drive more leads online.

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