Klusster the Perfect Marketing Tool in Slow Times

Klusster the Perfect Marketing Tool in Slow Times

Summertime is typically a slower time for many businesses but customers don’t really go away. This is NOT a time to slow down or stop marketing your business.


Summertime is typically a slower time for businesses as people gear up for BBQ’s time, holidays at the cottage, fun time on the patio or lake with friends and family.

Will your customers and potential customers remember you when the summer is over and things are back in full swing?

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It's time to Think Content

This is NOT a time to slow down or stop marketing your business

Instead of waiting for your busy season to start again, use this valuable time for marketing! Stay engaged.

This is the time to be active on social media engaging your clients and prospects so they remember you and your service when they are ready to buy or sign up for a program. Keep people interested and engaged all year.

Engage using Klusster Media

This is the time to actively engage with Klusster Media.

Klusster is all about content marketing and social sharing. Klusster keeps you connected to FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest easily.

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Content Marketing talks with people

Consider Klusster Media your virtual, year-round storefront -- because even if your audience isn't chillin' outside your store or visiting your website, they are certainly perusing their social media feeds!

You should be using this real estate to offer special discounts, gather (and publish) reviews and testimonials, share the new content you're publishing, run contests and polls, and generate hype for the next season.

In the fall people want to start new projects, some want to start a part time business or take a course to get into shape for the winter celebrations.

Klusster is your Perfect Marketing Tool in the slow times and the busy times. It will keep you ranking high on Google, visible when people are surfing and that never ends even at the lake, beach, cottage or back yard.

2 Ways To Get Found Online With Klusster

Get Found with Klusster

As a Klusster Professional, I can help you with your content marketing needs. Feel free to contact me on the attached form or visit me on Klusster at the following profiles.

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