Header Tags to Increase SEO

Header Tags to Increase SEO

The value of header tags to, not only your audience, but getting found online.

The first, and sometimes only, thing people read when they pull up content on the web are the title and subtitles; otherwise known as headings. Not only can headings capture your audience's attention, they can also help organize your content and make it easier to read. For those SEO specialists out there, you know its technical importance and the role header tags play in getting found online.

What is a Heading tag?

HTML (hypertext markup language) tags vary in types with each one serving a different purpose. They are used by the bots to search for valuable keywords; heading tags provide this information. All heading tags have a code showing the browser the way in which the content should be presented.

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How many tags are there? And should you have them?

In total there are six header tags:

H1 - This is the most important; it’s the page title! This can have a huge impact on how your page is ranked and it helps the engine bots decipher what the page is all about. Readers will typically see this first, be sure to include your keyword(s) and make the font larger than the rest.

H2 - These are more like subtitles, and yes, there can be several of them. Perhaps think of H2’s as the chapters of a book, they help to further highlight the main ideas of your content all of which connect to the title (H1).

H3 - Typically these reveal themselves as tips, points, or bullets that can then be expanded upon.

H4/H5/H6 - Are used to really just create more organization on your page, providing further detail in the form of statements, questions, or categories.

What does a Header tag do?

Beyond providing search bots technical information, header tags create structure on the page providing organization and a better user experience. They just make the content easier to read. It can’t be stressed enough the importance of creating a good H1 tag that clearly summarizes your content.

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So much can come from properly identifying your headings. Your page will be more accessible and discursively help your SEO. Creating a user-friendly space is important to Google, headers give your page formatting and structure, the bots like it when their job is made easier.

It’s true that algorithms are constantly changing, the way headings are identified is no different. There are ways to ensure you are labeling your headers properly and including the right words in order to be found for what your webpage intends. Software such as SEMRUSH can be a huge asset in identifying accurate and highly searched keywords. Remember, at the end of the day Google wants to recommend sites that provide the most user-friendly experience. In the end, create a good structure that satiates the bots but provides humans with the content they want in the most organized and simple format.

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