Ask your clients...they know.

Ask your clients...they know.

If you are a local business owner, at least 1 time a month, ask your customers something...

Ask Your Clients (Win/Win)

It's funny, but a simple habit to get into to increase your business is to ask your clients to help you.

I remember a story of a Pepsi Co. executive turned CEO of a small juice company. The juice company had all the skill to create drinks that tasted as good a Frutopia or Snapple.

Spontaneously, the CEO instructed 5 new drinks to be created to compete and called the brand UVO.  "We had all these flavors lying around, so I thought let's put a label on them and sell them" Kind of bold. But, he was a former Pepsi Co. Executive turned CEO.

This CEO didn't ask, do research, or see how the customer might react.  Because he was a Pepsi Juice executive, he "knew what to do".

The results?  The company ordered 9 Million Bottle Caps with UVO on the lids and only 90,000 bottles of UVO were ever sold.  That's 8.9 Million bottle caps to the recycle bin.

Even though this company has flavours, distribution, and experience, they royally messed up by not asking the consumer a few questions.  Turns out, the market was saturated and the name UVO, was just not well received.

What's the moral of the story?

Ask your customers questions!

When you ask questions, people feel respected.

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