What is a virtual assistant and what do they do?

What is a virtual assistant and what do they do?

A virtual assistant is an employee who works remotely and performs administrative tasks for your company, typically on a contractual basis.

With the expansion of businesses, it is difficult for the businesses to operate regular tasks and maintain the same level of efficiency

When workers are assigned many tasks simultaneously, it becomes difficult to maintain smooth operations of administrative tasks. But onboarding full-time the in-office support staff is not always the best option. Virtual assistants are a much more cost-effective and efficient alternative.

The trend of Virtual Assistants has grown quickly in recent years. With the pandemic, their demand has significantly increased. Virtual assistants are going to be beneficial in the future as well. The main reason is that they can operate from any place and often perform various duties on a contract. With affordable and limited employment period options, virtual assistants are a cheaper employment solution for organizations of all scales.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is an employee who works remotely and performs administrative tasks for your company, typically on contractual basis. They can perform tasks that a directorial employee usually manages, like appointments scheduling, travel arrangements, arranging phone calls, or email organization. They generally work as independent contractors, although they can also be employed as full-time workers working remotely. Virtual assistants are hired by businesses of all scales and in various fields.

What does a virtual assistant do?

Personal assistant

Virtual assistants are capable of organizing tasks apart from work, excluding their usual tasks. Organization of calendar, booking vacations, and buying gifts for family and friends are the types of personal duties they can perform.

Customer satisfaction

The companies which offer a service/product can use virtual assistants as the initial point of communication for the clients seeking for help with a place to submit feedback or troubleshooting. Virtual assistants can manage essential, recurrent concerns and provide short tutorials. And if they cannot assist the client, they can forward the message to the concerned employee in the office.

Data entry

Virtual assistants can do much more than administrative or personal tasks, data entry is one of them. A virtual assistant is capable of data compilation, checking the accuracy, and deleting irrelevant data. This is specially useful for postal work, recording patient data, school administration, and billing.

Administrative tasks

Virtual assistants are usually hired for admin work by companies. This includes organizing calendars, scheduling meetings, booking travel, and answering phones via a connecting line.


Every company relies on research to advise its operations, it analyzes the market, performance, or customers. But research is time-consuming, even with a dedicated workforce and resources, many businesses utilize virtual assistants to help compile this data. Because these tasks can not be done with the help of AI, virtual assistants skilled in data analysis are best suited for these tasks.

Content management

Companies utilize editorial content to attract traffic to their site, engage prospects, and increase brand awareness, but it requires an insane amount of resources and work. A virtual assistant can assist to organize writing resources and a production calendar, and facilitate several aspects of the publishing procedure, making it simpler for you to concentrate on expanding the content program.

How to hire a virtual assistant

With the expansion of your business, you need to expand your team. VA Care's established virtual assistant can help bridge the gap. You can expect a good professional relationship with us; and hiring us is a simple procedure, you do not have to go through a long list of candidates or conduct interviews for hours to find the best employee for you.

We understand and analyze your business's goals, needs, and objectives, and we will provide a virtual assistant. And accordingly we will assign you a virtual assistant that is the most suitable for you.

To make the process seamless, you can create a list of the tasks that you want to outsource to us, so that it is easier for us to understand your requirements. Think of some of the most common tasks that you do not like to do yourself, but they must be done for the smooth operations of the company. Rest will be handled by us, and we will ensure that you do not face any issues during the whole process.