Triode Lab Amplifiers by Frank Ng

Triode Lab Amplifiers by Frank Ng

Home of custom small-powered tube amplifiers handcrafted in Canada to the highest standard.

Triode Lab is focused on the musical advantages of vacuum tubes, while addressing their limitations by creating 21st century electronic designs capable of communicating today’s broad bandwidth. The goal is to ensure life-like music delivered with emotional and visceral impact.

Our amplifiers are voiced based on our experience as musicians and our impressions of how reproduction of music’s emotions and immediacy should be communicated.

Triode Lab is committed to building on the rich legacy of classic tube designs from the “golden era” of Hi Fi. Today’s advanced tools and components allow us to bring tube amplification up to today’s Hi Fi standards. Paired with appropriate speakers, our amplifiers bring you even closer to an emotional involvement and joy of music.

To achieve our goal, we push the boundaries of modern tube circuit design to deliver the ultimate combination of art, science, and craft, united in the service of music.

Frank Ng- Designer/Owner

Triode Lab Amplifiers by Frank Ng



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