Passion Fidelity

Passion Fidelity

Among the many passionate people that sell high end audio products, Greg McLean uses his customer knowledge of what works in the home

Exemplary audio systems require careful selection of components based on your tastes, personal needs and musical perferences. Simply employing a handful of well reviewed components into the listening area and expecting stereo - nirvana is a well worn route to disappointment. It is every music lovers passion and desire to procure the most musically satisfying audio system at an affordable price.

Throughout my near 40 years experience of sound reproduction , I have spent countless hours testing what are considered to be the industries finest components available offering the highest sonic returns. We have chosen a select number of brands which I believe truly offer superb value while remaining within reach of the working class hero. Our personal vision is our commitment to each and every one of our established, repeat, or our potential new customers, to offer them the very best products and services which result in long term satisfaction.

-- Greg


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