Solar Power System and all its Essential Components

Solar Power System and all its Essential Components

In this blog, we mentioned the four important elements of a solar power system. This elements are an important part of the whole solar package.

When you think of a solar power system, panels are the first thing that comes to mind. However, though they are an important part of the whole solar package, other equally important elements make harnessing solar energy possible. If you’re thinking about a solar system for home, you must understand all the parts that you’ll need to install to realize an end-to-end solar power connection.

So, here are all the solar products in India that make a residential solar power system.

  • Solar Panels

As mentioned earlier, solar panels are the first thing to strike you when talking about solar power. That’s because they’re the most visible element of any solar energy system. In a sense, it’s the face of solar power. In fact, you can tell which house has a solar energy system installed and which doesn’t by simply taking a stroll down the street and inspecting the roof of buildings or apartments.

Solar panels can be considered the heart of the solar power system, as these are components that change the photons from the sun’s rays to electrons that conduct electricity. When light from the sun is incident on the silicon (from which the panels are made) the electrons are excited from their ground state to an activated state, which facilitates their flow, and, in turn, the current.

Next, comes the solar battery.

  • Solar Battery

Solar batteries can be regarded as a storage unit that stocks all the current generated during the day. These are essential components for working households that primarily use power in the evenings and nights. Moreover, these also come in handy during power outages, as you can use the saved power to compensate for the lack of it.

Plus, you can even use a battery for net metering. With the advent of solar energy, prosumers now can not only save a few bucks but make a few as well. How? Well, you can send the energy your panels generate back to the grid, for which you’ll be compensated by your distributor.

A battery, hence, becomes a sort of savings account for the solar energy you’ve created, which you can cash in with your operator and earn some money.

This makes solar batteries one of the most valuable solar products in India.

  • Racking

You cannot just lay the solar panels on your roof and call it a day. You need a fixture to mount the panels so that they’re facing in the right direction, and to ensure that they stay firm come storm or siege. And racking is the element that can do this job for you.

While they don’t directly participate in the energy generation process, this component ensures that you get maximum life and efficiency out of the components that do. Therefore, it’s important that you invest in a high-quality racking arrangement. Though initial costs will get bumped up a bit, in the long run, racking will help you save on repair or replacement costs.

  • Inverters

Last but not least, the fourth essential component of the solar power system, which houses the solar battery, is the inverter. This is the element that allows your devices to be powered up. It basically converts the power generated by panels, which is DC (direct current) to the appliance-friendly AC (alternating current).

In a sense, it’s an interface between the panels and your devices.

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Over to you

So, these four essential elements constitute a solar power system. And If you’re looking to switch to a more clean and reliable source of energy, these four components are essential to harness the power of the sun and power up the devices in your home.

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