How To Pick Diamonds Earrings For Women?

How To Pick Diamonds Earrings For Women?

A pair of Women’s Diamond Earrings is an essential accessory to enhance a woman's refined style.

Because your diamond jewel, synonymous with modernity and hardness, will enhance you in a different way depending on your appearance. Would you like to treat yourself to a diamond jewel? Give it as a gift to someone you care about? Follow our advice here to choose the jewel that will suit you best.

Which Earrings To Choose From according To Your Appearance?

Jewelry is like clothes. You can find that an outfit has class on a person, that the clothes that such a person wears are superb. Yet they may not have the same impact on you.

The same can be said for the jewelry on your ears. Clearly, the morphology of your face plays a big role in the choice of the diamond to wear. It must of course be by your tastes, but also with your style to then be able to highlight all your beauty as it should.

What Shape of Earrings Matches the Shape of Your Face, Your Haircut, or Your Glasses?

How To Pick Diamonds Earrings For Women?

Earrings bring out and enhance the shape of the face. If you have a rounded face, you need curls that will lengthen it. If you have a more square-shaped face, curls will round it out. But for the latter to be able to play their role correctly, the shape of your diamond curls must not resemble the shape of your head. Thus, each physiognomy corresponds to a specific shape of earrings.

For round faces, opt for long-shaped earrings. They will lengthen your face and your silhouette in general and will slim it down. For square faces, pick a pair of round or oval earrings. They will bring out the femininity and softness of your figure.

Avoid those that are square or rectangular. For other face types, heart-shaped or pyramid shaped, it is essential to choose curls that have opposite shapes. The objective is that your ear jewelry can rebalance the shape of the latter.

For heart shaped faces, the best is to opt for a style of women's diamond earring in the shape of a water drop, round. Long, thin curls are not recommended for this type of face. For the face with a pyramid shape, choose curls with an inverted shape. That is, those that are wide at the top but thin at the bottom, such as heart shaped, stone cascade, or oval shaped curls.

Your hairstyle and your glasses also play an important role in the choice of your earrings. Short hair requires hanging curls. Long hair requires ring-shaped curls. For hairstyles with bangs, opt for round curls. If you have short and growth hair, you should choose our 1 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings. We have about this diamond earrings wide collections with very high-quality manufacturers.

On the other hand, note that the earrings married to a pair of glasses are likely to make a little excessive. In this case, you will have to make your choice taking into account the frame as well as the shape of your lenses.

How to Choose the Color of 18k Gold For Diamond Earrings?

he women's diamond earring highlights the shine of your eyes, as well as its color. This is the raison d'être of diamonds. In addition, due to its characteristics, 18-carat gold highlights the elegance and particularity of your look.

Thus, to optimize the result, choose a color of stone identical to that of your eyes. A diamond in different shades of blue, for example, can bring out naturally blue eyes. You can also, in this case, wear jewelry with ivory colors, or with colors with fairly soft and light characteristics.

For beautiful women with green eyes, 18-carat gold in green, white, or apricot color is the most suitable. For brown eyes and hazel eyes, curls in translucent brown, golden yellow, red, or garnet colors will have more effect on your look.

Naturally, the diamond is white. However, be aware that the color of the diamond is sometimes nuanced with yellow, pink, or blue. About their whitish tint, the grades given to them range from D to Z, ranging from colorless to white with a hint of yellow. When choosing a color, opt for those rated from D to H. Why? Because the whiter the diamond, the more pure, brilliant, luminous it is.

How To Select Earrings according to the occasions for which you want to wear them?

To complete your look, you need suitable accessories, namely earrings. You will also need to make your choice based on the clothes you will wear and the events you will attend. Indeed, there are multiple types of diamond earrings on the market.

And if you attend several different parties, you can change your curls from party to party. The style of your curls can be sober for a birthday, which is a simple celebration, and more daring for a wedding, which is a prestigious event for example.

Which Elegant Diamond Earring Style Should You Wear to Your Wedding?

Everyone will agree that marriage is one of the most important events in life. This is why the accessories that will complete your outfit must be chosen carefully to make this day unforgettable. Thus, sublimate your appearance with quality jewelry, beautiful and impress each of your guests.

For the big day, opt for luxurious and shiny 18k gold earrings. Not only will they improve your wedding dress, but they will also bring out your complexion. The 18 carat gold diamond stud earring, for example, is made with 75 thousandths gold for the setting. You can select your earrings from two colors: White Gold and Yellow Gold.

There are different models of jewels suitable for a wedding. But for your jewelry to bring you complete satisfaction, choose your gold earrings according to your dress. There are special buckles for strapless dresses, dresses in necklines, or dresses without necklines. Then, in addition to the shape, also take into account its size.

If you wear other jewelry like a necklace, then it is better to have light, matching, and not too dangling earrings. Of course, if you want a model of made-to-measure earrings that meets all your requirements, we are at your disposal: do not hesitate to contact Gemistone services.

What are the trends for STud diamond earrings?

What are the Trends?

How To Pick Diamonds Earrings For Women?

Even if jewelry doesn't evolve as quickly as clothing fashion, there are still trends in jewelry. For diamond earrings and ear diamonds, the trend of the moment concerns models with asymmetrical style.

Hoop diamond earrings also represent new trends and can offer many modern shapes. Full, semi-full, fully or partially set with diamonds, small or large in diameter: there is something for everyone with all these variations. Besides, retro vintage style diamond clips remain relevant.

Nowadays, diamonds with different cuts and aesthetics are becoming more and more fashionable. This is particularly the case for pear shaped, cushion cut, emerald cut, or even marquise cut diamond earrings.

As for the women's stud diamond earrings, they are light and easy to wear. Diamond set, these curls are sparkling, luxurious, and sublime. You can wear them every day without fear. All-purpose, they do not require specific clothing. As a result, they meet all circumstances and requirements.

How to Choose the Right Diamonds for your Women's Earrings?

How To Pick Diamonds Earrings For Women?

First of all, you should know that 4 criteria define the quality of a diamond: its weight, its color, its purity, and its size. Therefore, to choose the best diamond that will go on your ring, you must take these 4 criteria into account.

For the choice of the diamond, you must take into account the quality of the cut. Each size corresponds to a note. Note already that a diamond is an accumulator of brightness and light. The grades assigned to it qualify the hardness and quality of the gemstone.

It is international diamond laboratories, such as HRD, IGI, or GIA, which assign the ratings guaranteeing the brilliance rate of your diamond. To know the rating, you will find indications such as Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, and Excellent. Of course, the best will be to take the one that obtains the “Excellent” rating.

Which is the Better Prong Setting?

You will also need to secondly determine the weight of the diamond (in carat). So, if your earring model measures about 5.2 mm, you need a half carat round stone. If the space available to place the diamond measures within 6.3 mm, then you can put a one carat diamond there. The style of the jewel influences both the choice of the diamond and its volume.

In general, what increases the value of a buckle, is not the number of claws of the latter but the quality of their crimping and the work accomplished behind. The choice of the number of claws is generally based on the shape of the diamond but also on your tastes and desires. As for the setting, which refers to the fixing of the precious stone on its support, there are several different types. Namely the claw setting, the closed setting, the grain setting, the bar setting, the channel setting...

Prongs and settings are used to fix the diamond on the jewel. They are the anchor of the stone. They must, therefore, ensure the comfort, as well as the support, of the diamond.

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