Phenomenal Companion Which Will Make You A Pro From Noob In Silver Elite CSGO

Phenomenal Companion Which Will Make You A Pro From Noob In Silver Elite CSGO

Have you ever informed a teammate "aim at head height" or "don't buy lets eco"?

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Not everyone knows all the strategies, tactics, or mechanics of the sport. Perhaps you do not know some yourself.

This guide is everything you would like to understand as a Silver elite CSGO player. This is what you ought to know, which many Silver and other ranked players don't know, and one has got to wonder how they got ranked without knowing these things!

This is simple, practical stuff. It's easy belongings you can, and will, do to urge better. There's no "get better aim" here. Not all folks can forever recover. But these are things that you simply can do no matter what skills you have. If everyone on your team follows the following pointers, you'll beat your enemies in silver elite CSGO successfully.

This list of tips are things the low ranked players should do or not do to urge better. If you'll control recoil, be happy to spray! The purpose is that lower ranks can't do this, or they might not be lower-ranked... in order that they got to tap shoot.

Tips for using armors in silver elite CSGO

If you're CT and recognize the terrorists are using AKs and AWPs, you do not need the helmet. It'll do nothing but waste 350.

If you successfully win the pistol round, then use an SMG but not the P90. SMGs give 600 kill rewards and can kill with a head shot on round two because your opponent doesn't have a helmet. AKs aren't needed and do not give the maximum amount of kill reward. P90s only give half kill reward.

Pistols and guns

Don't buy pistols like Deagle or Dualies. Just don't. The Five-Seven and Tec-9 are great pistols to grab if you're hoping or sometimes with armor as a semi-save.

Don't buy a gun and armor. If you cannot afford armor, you ought to be saving the silver elite master round. Without armour you get aim-punched if hit (your aim jumps off position), and you will lose fights.

Cheap weapons, cheap outcomes

Don't grab cheap weapons just like the shotguns or the Bizon unless you've got a selected reason to require to use them. If you cannot afford an M4 or AK, then don't use them. If you desire to play an eco-round in silver elite CSGO, use pistols in the initial rounds and stop your teammates from using the pistol. Use a rifle, and if they die, instantly try to pick it up.


Only run together with your knife once you know you're safe, e.g., round start, you have information on enemy positions from your team. Otherwise, keep your pistol out.

Running makes noise, walking to remain silent.

Do not walk for a touch; simply take a step or two or run smoothly, then return to walking; this strategy or silent walk protects you from the kill. Moreover, try not to crouch walk ever, jumping up in silence, and make sure that jumping down doesn't make a noise. Furthermore, be careful how you employ your nades during a 1v1 or clutch situation.


Watch corners, don't hide in a clear place. The enemy can pop round the corner and spray you before you'll respond.

Do not stand on the brink of allies; it just makes it easy for an enemy to kill you. You'll draw the enemy to their position they worked hard to urge to without being seen and don't go in front of them without a sniper.


Weapons are significant in Silver elite CSGO, make sure to use only advanced armours that will protect you from death. Use the above tactics in your gameplay and get an outstanding result.