How To Cook Brown Shrimp Safely ?

How To Cook Brown Shrimp Safely ?

Do you know that brown shrimps exist, and they are a common species of shrimps eaten worldwide?

Do you know that brown shrimps exist, and they are a common species of shrimps eaten worldwide? If you know about brown shrimp, you will also see that they change color when cooked. This is why brown shrimps are not known as brown by most people, as they either have pinkish-orange when cooked. If you have always been eating shrimp in a restaurant and want to try it from scratch, this is what you need to read. When you buy wild brown shrimp online, what do you do next? Everything has been highlighted below, so dig into this guide to find out.

Step 1- Pre-cooking

If you get to buy a fresh brown shrimp, the first thing you do is to pre-cook it. It is rare to find fresh ones like the famous frozen wild-caught shrimp near me. Regardless, if you get the fresh type, put it into the water and let it stay there till it is boiled. Or you could set aside boiled water and just put the shrimp into it for a minute. But if it is already pre-cooked when you bought it, go straight to step two.

Step 2- Washing and peeling

The shrimps would have undergone a lot of handling, which means washing them thoroughly is necessary. Rinse them more than once before moving to peel. If you want, you can leave the legs of the shrimps, but most people prefer to remove them as it is safer to do so. Removing the legs makes the shell fall off by itself, making it easier to peel other parts. If you don't want to remove the black vein on their back, leave it out, but most people remove it because it gives a specific sandy taste. This peeling method is for shrimps that have already been boiled and preserved before you get them. If you buy wild brown shrimp online and have not gone through this, you have to start with step one.

Step 3- Cooking

Don't do that with shrimps if you like relaxing when cooking as they cook quickly. It is already ready for eating before you look for something else to add to it. So, it would help if you had everything set before placing it on low heat. Once the shrimps get into the popular C shape and look pinkish, you should keep your eyes on it and get ready to turn off the fire. This is also similar but not the same with preparation forms for shrimps, as it doesn't behave the same for marinated or grilled processes.


Whether the shrimp you want is right from the river or the already thawed ones, don't miss out on cooking it well. But more than that, you should buy fresh shrimp. You will know fresh frozen wild caught shrimp near me when they smell fresh, have the standard color, and are not slimy in texture. If they have all these qualities, then the result will be splendid.