Top Rated Forklift Training in Melbourne

Top Rated Forklift Training in Melbourne

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The forklift is a common sight in many industrial workplaces, and as such, there is a growing demand for forklift operators. It is very useful equipment for factories and warehouses, but it also comes with many risks. It can be risky for people as well as other equipment. Forklifts are heavy, unstable, and powerful. And if they are not used in a controlled manner can present a significant risk to others.

It is, therefore, important that those operating a forklift have the relevant skills and qualifications. Many people are injured at the workplace with the reason for lack of proper Forklift Training and knowledge. There are some changes to forklift licensing requirements. It will help to reduce the number of accidents each year with the focus on ensuring that forklift training assessors are appropriately qualified. They are able to conduct high-quality training for students.

Type of License for Forklift

Operating a forklift in Victoria requires a forklift license to perform high-risk work issued by Work Safe Victoria under the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017. A high-risk license is valid for up to five years, and the expiry date is shown on the license card.

  1. LF is permitted to operate any forklift (except an order picker/stock picker forklift).LO permits only to operate an order/stock picker forklift.
  2. LO permits only to operate an order/stock picker forklift.

You will be presented with a Notification of Assessment (NOA), once completing your Forklift Training Melbourne and in Victoria. You have 60 days to take this NOA to a local Australia Post outlet and to apply for your license from Work Safe.

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Many organizations conduct Forklift Training in Melbourne and around Victoria. To conduct forklift training and issue a forklift license, a company must be a Registered Training Organization (RTO) or fall under the supervision of an RTO.

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