This Planet is like an Amazing Novel

This Planet is like an Amazing Novel

Hey, Guys, you are on Charles’s blog and today am not only going to tell you about this beautiful planet but I will also share my experiences of traveling which I can never forget, and maybe after reading this blog you may fall in love with traveling. So when I was 11 years old I got interested in traveling then I started reading novels and yeah I love having pictures related to journey as well. When I was a kid I don’t like outdoor games so I used to be like a bird in a cage that time. I was so addicted to traveling that’s why I used to read novels in my spare time so that I can explore the world through Novels.

About The Author “Margaret Mitchell”

“Gone with The Wind” is still my favourite novels from that time to this. This novel was published in 1936 and the author of this novel was “Margaret Mitchell”. She was an American writer and used to work as a journalist in Atlanta for about 6 years but she quit her job just because of her ankle injury. After facing lots of difficulties she started her carrier as a Novelist. Whenever I read her novel I feel like I am in another world where you won’t get worries that’s why she is still my favourite.

When I Started Looking the World like Novelists

After completing 3 years in college I finally decided to see the world through the Novelist's eyes. Now you may be thinking that “how it’s possible to see the world through some other’s eyes?” well I mean that I started looking at the world like those famous Novelists who are living real life and according to me writers knows the real meaning of living life with full happiness.

I am an American and living in Atlanta with my caring and most loving mom and dad. I have never seen the world outside my town so I decided to go for a vacation along with my family so that we can get the memorable time together. I asked dad for vacation so he started looking at me with a very pleasant smile and said “I’ll get tickets as soon as I get back from the office”. When dad left for the office we started packing for those things which are necessary for any trip. When dad came back from the office then what we got to see is he did not bring tickets along with him and then when I asked him about tickets he said that he was unable to get the tickets at an affordable budget.

Our Trip to Los Angeles

After discussing for some minutes we started looking online for better deals then finally we got a site “Spirit Airlines Reservation” which offers great deals on each ticket. Without further ado, we booked our tickets to Los Angeles, and then we left for the vacation tour the next day. My journey was a little complicated; I will share with you about that in my next blog. If you want to be updated, then stay connect with me for amazing blogs.