Under the Bodhi Tree Go Fund Me for Ryan Gardner

Under the Bodhi Tree Go Fund Me for Ryan Gardner

Ryan, who has been battling cancer for most of her life, is running a Go Fund Me page called "Under The Bodhi Tree" to finance her very own documentary.

Countless families across Canada have been affected by cancer, and the family behind the Bodhi Bar is sadly no exception. Bodhi Bar came into fruition by owner Naiomi Gardner, a mom on a quest for a healthier alternative to cancer treatment for her daughter Ryan. Currently Ryan, who has been battling cancer for most of her life, is running a Go Fund Me page called "Under The Bodhi Tree" to finance her very own documentary about her cancer journey.

Throughout the past decade, Ryan’s family, especially her mom, has made it their goal to give the gift of health and wellness. How? Through their very own juice bar: Bodhi Bar located in Burlington, Ontario.

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At sixteen, diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, the doctors found two tumours on Ryan’s body. She underwent chemotherapy, as well as radiation at Hamilton’s McMaster Sick Kids Hospital. During this time she lost her hair and the medications made her gain weight. Surrounded by children in the hospital Ryan describes her experience saying, “No one should have to go through cancer treatment, especially children who can’t understand what they are going through.”

Both mentally and physically drained by cancer and the procedures to eliminate it, Ryan’s self esteem was shaken and she turned to junk food to provide happiness. However, her battle with cancer still wasn’t over.

She was diagnosed for a second time with the same Hodgkins Lymphoma. During that time, Ryan and her family found an alternative way to fight cancer called the Gerson Therapy. The Gerson Institute is a non-profit organization located in San Diego, California. They are dedicated to providing education and training in the Gerson Therapy, an alternative, non-toxic treatment for cancer and chronic degenerative diseases.

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Ryan would drink 13 cold-pressed juices daily, all made with organic fruits and vegetables. From her first CT scan to the second, the cancer had completely disappeared. However, still depressed and growing sick of constantly drinking the juices she escaped with highly processed foods and alcohol.

For a third time, the cancer returned. By way of the Gerson Therapy, there was significant shrinkage in the tumours, but the cancer was not completely gone yet. So, Ryan decided to go on a vegan diet and started the strongest chemotherapy, as well as a stem-cell transplant. The side effects that followed were horrible, but she pushed forward like a true warrior.

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The doctors were amazed; they had never seen a recovery quite like Ryans. Upon her release she was expected to be bed ridden for months, but two weeks later she was hiking and running.

After what was thought to be the final battle with cancer, Ryan and her mother wanted to share their knowledge. Bodhi Bar was this outlet. The juice bar serves cold-pressed, organic juices and smoothies to help people lose weight, cleanse their bodies and ultimately, lead a healthier lifestyle. Their mission is, “to enlighten people on what leading a healthy lifestyle can give you; happiness without the dependence of unhealthy food, alcohol or drugs.”

Sadly in September of 2017, Ryan was told that the cancer returned. Although there have been many trials and roadblocks for Ryan, she continues to be optimistic in the face of cancer. Her Go Fund Me Campaign to support her documentary is evidence of her strength and commitment to sharing her journey with others.

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She stays positive saying, “It has been a tough battle so far but, it has taught me to not take my life for granted and to live the fullest life you can.” And furthermore, “I hope to inspire as many people as I can by showing them my interpretation of how to live the most fulfilling life you can. We all need a reminder that life is beautiful.”

Visit her Go Fund Me page to help her raise the money she needs to make her inspiring documentary come to life.