Are You Eating Too Much?

Are You Eating Too Much?

Food can be an incredible experience, but have you heard the saying too much of a good thing? It's easy to overeat, and we want to help!

When we eat, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the experience. Amazing flavours and interesting combinations can often distract us from just how much food we are consuming. As anyone who has overeaten knows, the aftereffects can be disastrous; cramping, heartburn, and possibly multiple trips to the washroom. The problem with over eating is not a physical one, it all starts with the brain and ends with your stomach.

The best way to identify portion size is to listen to your stomach - it tells you when its full! The trouble is recognizing this feeling, and ignoring your taste buds. We should eat only till a point we feel at ease & light, and this can be at a different point for each person and depends on our lifestyle and level of physical activity.

Are You Eating Too Much?

Two Different Directions; Two Different Habits; Two Different Results!

Because identifying how full you are starts with your brain, you shouldn't distract it while you are eating! That means things like TV, phones, and other distractions all contribute to overeating without you being aware of it. You need to think about what you are eating!

The best place to eat a meal is the kitchen. This is because we are conditioned to want to eat there. Having a designated place for eating goes a long way to prevent overeating. Having a place where your brain and body are focusing on the same thing makes it much harder to overeat.

When you start eating this way you may notice changes to your eating patterns. Maybe you eat more on some days versus others and this is perfectly normal. There are many factors that contribute to this, the main one being your level of physical activity throughout the day. The more active you are, the more you need to eat. Things like the weather or season can affect your appetite too, so just remember - listen to your gut!

Are You Eating Too Much?

Control your tongue; avoid over eating

The main thing to remember is to be aware. Be aware of your stomach, and be aware of yourself. Having a nutritional plan can help improve your health, and changing your diet to include healthier items is never a bad thing, but remember, always be aware. Awareness of your own body is difficult while eating , but once you do, the days of post meal discomfort can be behind you.