How to Secure WordPress Website From Hackers

How to Secure WordPress Website From Hackers

Here we have given some essential methods to make your website secure from hackers. It would help if you tried them at least once.

Several website owners have complained about the security of the WordPress website. It is because an open-source platform is helpless against cyberattacks, random access to the site, and hackers.

The default WordPress login URL is easy to find. You need to add /wp-admin after the end of your domain. One can access the backend of the website with the help of WP-admin login credentials. Unauthorized people try to access the admin dashboard to break your site. We strongly suggest that there is a need for customization of the login page URL. However, here we have shed light on some ways to secure your WordPress website from hackers.

Make the idle Users automatically log out, or the session expires.

Users who work on the admin page and then leave the admin panel open can potentially bring the WordPress security threat. Any unknown user can modify or remove the details of your website. Moreover, he/she can make your site collapse. So it is a good idea to make your site automatically log out, or the session expires when users are idle for a long time. Consider applying WordPress error log to detect errors and threats on the website.

Utilize SSL certificate to encrypt the information

Applying an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is a wise step to protect the WordPress admin panel. SSL make sure the secure transmission between server and web browsers. It becomes challenging for hackers to violate the security and unauthorized access of the site.

You can get an SSL certificate for the WordPress website quickly. Either you can purchase the license from the third p[arty, or you can also buy it from your hosting service provider. Some hosting company offers free SSL certificate to their users.

Change your Admin username.

At the time of WordPress installation, never use "admin" as a default user name for your WordPress administrator account. It is an easy guess for hackers, and that is most of the site attacked by hackers. They need to find the password, and your whole website snubbed by the attackers. Always use a unique username so that no one knows the username except authorized users. You can install a security Plugin that can prevent such stab by instantly6 banning IP addresses that try access login with that username.

How to Secure WordPress Website From Hackers

Take backups of the website frequently to protect the WordPress website.

Taking the backup of the website is played needed. Even when an error comes to the site such as WordPress error 404, White screen of death, WordPress 500 errors, and all that, you must take the backup of the website before making any changes. If you have implemented all possible things to secure your website, but that doesn't mean you are done. There is also a scope of the amendment. Whatever you change or update on your website, kindly keeps the offsite backup daily whenever required. Taking backup can be beneficial for you at the time when you want to restore your website. You can take the help of WordPress plugins for backup storage of the website.

Utilize two-factor verification for WordPress security

Utilizing the two-factor verification method of the login page is an efficient security measure. In this event, users provide login credentials for two different sources. The website owner decides that who those two sources are. It could be your set password, security question, OTP to the email ID or phone number, and a set of characters. You can use the Google Authenticator app. that sends a secret code to your phone. IT means only the user with the registered phone number can log in to the site.

Implement a website lockdown feature or obstruct users

You should implement a website lockdown feature for admin login failed attempts for solving consistent brute force endeavors. If the cyber attackers try to hack the website using many incorrect passwords, the site gets locked, and you will get the alert for this unauthorized attempt.

Change your Admin Login URL to protect the WordPress website.

Renaming the WordPress admin URL is simple to perform. By default, the login page of WordPress easily accessed by adding or wp-admin to the end of the website's URL. When hackers are aware of the URL of your login page, they could attempt to get access to the admin panel. In this situation, restrict the login attempt and swap username for email IDs. You can easily change the login URL and eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access from hackers.

Change your passwords from time to time.

Never stick to the one password for a long time. Change your password frequently to protect your website. Make a strong password by adding an uppercase letter, special characters, lowercase letters, numbers, and all that. Using combinations of letters, special characters, and alphanumeric becomes the next to impossible for hackers to guess the password.

Secure your WP-config.php file

Well, you must know that the wp-config.php file is the most critical file. This file contains the confidential details about your WordPress installation and all configuration of the website. You can locate this wp-config.php file on the root folder of the server files. Securing this file means you are securing your entire WordPress website. At the time of WordPress 500 error, WordPress 404 error, memory limit exhausting, you always require changing in the site. Users need to visit wp-config.php file to make any changes in terms of memory raising, error log implementation, and all that to solve different WordPress errors.

When you make wp-config.php file secure, it is hard for hackers to violate the website's security because they cannot access the data. Moreover, the securing process of the data is simple. Just copy your wp-config.php file and shift its location to the top-level than your root folder.

The final thoughts

Here we have given some essential methods to make your website secure from hackers. It would help if you tried them at least once. These are verified methods, and several WordPress users have already implemented all the above procedures to protect their website from cyber attacks and hackers. Give it a try, and we make sure that you will be happy to apply all these tips to your site.