Natural Remedies To Treat Constipation

Natural Remedies To Treat Constipation
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Leading a sedentary lifestyle and not focusing on what you are eating leads to several troubles with health. Constipation is definitely one of them.

. Although for some people the reason for chronic constipation is almost unknown. Make sure you know all home remedies associated with constipation.

Constipation is a disease, which generally will give rise to the following kinds of problems:

1. Hard, dry, and lump-like stool

2. Lesser than three times defecation a week

3. Pain or difficulty while passing stool

4. Bloated feeling that seems like no stool has passed

Constipation is one of those things that directly reduce the quality of your life. It also has a direct impact on your mental health. Let us have a look at the natural remedies that offer help with problems relating to constipation!

1. Increase Your Water Intake – Being hydrated all the time will make a person less susceptible to having constipation. More often than not, most of us these days forget and fail to maintain the amount of water that our body needs. Dehydration is directly linked to having constipation.

2. Increase Your Intake Of Fibres In Your Diet – Having all sorts of foods without increasing the fiber content in your diet can definitely make you feel constipated. Increase Your intake of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Eat both soluble and non-soluble fibers to help the better movement of stool.

3. Exercise More – Exercising directly helps with having better digestion and it aids in the proper movement of stool. In some people, being overweight is directly resultant in having constipation related problems.

4. Increase Your Coffee intake – Increasing the amount of caffeine in your diet has shown to relieve constipation problems in a lot of people. Indulge in more coffee. Coffee stimulates the muscles in the gut and coffee is also known to contain some amounts of fiber.

5. Eat probiotic foods – having probiotic foods helps with constipation. Probiotic bacteria are those good bacteria that are helpful in better functioning of your stomach. Having foods like yogurt and apple cider vinegar in your diet daily can help with constipation.

6. Prescription Laxatives – Several over the counter laxatives like bulking agents, stimulant laxatives, osmotic laxatives, and stool softeners can definitely help with the dreadful instances of constipation. Always do consult your doctor or health practitioner to be sure of what you are consuming.

7. Avoid Dairy – Some people being lactose intolerant in negligible amounts often react differently when they consume more dairy products. This leads to problems like not only constipation but also acne on the skin. If your body is not habituated with dairy and is reluctant to ingest it, avoid dairy from your diet.

As uncomfortable as it gets, constipation is definitely very difficult to live with. If you can do things that can treat constipation naturally then definitely indulge in some lifestyle changes to have a better quality of life in the long run. If it gets too serious and none of these remedies work, definitely reach out to your doctor to get things in check fast.