How to Improve Your Immune System.

How to Improve Your Immune System.
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With new diseases like CoVID-19, every person has become extremely conscious about their immune system.

. Having a good immune system helps in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Fighting off illnesses should come from within one’s body. With most of the 21st-century denizen living a sedentary lifestyle, it is often difficult to maintain a good immune system. There are some changes you will need to make in order to improve your immune system. Also, make sure you know the fun facts about the immune system.

Natural Ways To Improve Immune System

1. Have quality sleep – This does not mean sleeping for 12+ hours and wasting half of the day, but having at least 8 hours of healthy undisturbed deep sleep each night. It is when you sleep that your body repairs itself and charges you up. This means getting less or inadequate sleep might make you susceptible to falling ill often. Aim at getting at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep each night. Try and sleep in a dark and quiet room.

2. Eat Healthy Fats – Healthy fats such as those found In olive oil, salmon, etc are crucial in boosting your body’s immune system. Omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon and cod liver oil helps fight inflammation.

3. Eat Whole Plant Foods – Whole plant foods are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber which are all linked to increasing your immune system. Eating Vitamin C rich foods is directly linked to improving one’s immunity.

4. Reduce and Limit Added Sugar – No matter how tasty or delicious added sugars are, they are addictive and have very negative impacts on health. Sugars result in obesity and type 2 diabetes, both of which are dangerous.

5. Exercise and Walk Regularly – try to have some sort of exercise routine every day. Also, make it a point to walk often, jog, and swim to increase your immune cells and reduce inflammation in the body.

6. Have loads of water – Staying hydrated is one of the most important yet easy ways to improve immunity. Dehydration causes tiredness, headaches and may also cause kidney and heart failure.

7. Reduce and alleviate stress – Reducing your stress levels is crucial to improve immunity. Long term stress results in inflammation in the body and suppresses your immune cells. Try mediation and yoga to combat stress.

All it takes is to be mindful about things you do every day. Get into the habit of being healthy!