Free Hand or Equipment-Less Exercises

Free Hand or Equipment-Less Exercises
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Be it losing weight or gaining muscle, one does not necessarily need to go to the gym for it.

With the right technique and knowledge, one can get the physique that he or she desires. Time to move on from the gym and start working in your own backyard, at your own free will. Keep reading to know what and what not to do.

What are freehand exercises?

Freehand exercises are basically those exercises that do not require any external equipment. These exercises prove to be way more effective than gym exercises in the long run and help you a lot in building resistance and stamina. Moreover, one does not need to invest in anything to be able to do freehand exercises. Make sure that you understand all the benefits of freehand exercises.

Free Hand Exercises

Here are a few freehand exercises for you-

1. Push-ups- Push-ups are freehand exercises 101, they not only are a good warm-up exercise but help you a lot in building your muscles.

A. Put your palms on the ground, keep your arms straight and apart from each other.

B. Bring your body in a position similar to a blank while keeping your back straight.

C. Keep your core tight and go down by bending your elbows.

D. Come up and repeat the whole thing at least ten times.

2. Squats- Squats not only help you build a strong core but also help to strengthen your leg muscles and provide posture to your body.

A. Stand on the ground with your legs apart and chest out.

B. Tighten your core, join your hands, and go down by bending your knee.

C. Get up using only your knees and breathe out. Repeat for at least fifteen times.

3. Crunches- Crunches build up the muscles in the stomach reason and if you are looking to tone your tummy, crunches should be your favorite.

A. Rest on a mat on your back with your knees up.

B. Your hands behind your head, helping you to get up and touch your knees.

C. Tighten your core and pull yourself up, face to knees.

D. Hold that position for some time and then lie on the mat, repeat.

4. Pull-ups- Probably the most difficult of freehand exercise but also the most effective. Hang your body to some height leaving your entire body weight on your arms and try to pull yourself up. Try to do at least five.

The right freehand exercises will help you to stay fit and healthy and you will be able to concentrate more on your work.