6 Foods To Avoid When Breastfeeding

6 Foods To Avoid When Breastfeeding
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Breastfeeding is a process that requires a lot of things to be taken care of.

Your infant needs to have the exact nutrition that he/she needs and you have to cut down on the foods that may be detrimental to your toddler’s health. Here is a list of foods you should avoid when breastfeeding.

Why You Should Avoid Some Foods?

The food that you eat and the diet you follow will have a direct impact on the milk that your body produces. For this, you need to have a balanced diet. There are no foods that you must completely avoid but do need to keep track of how much you eat and when you eat them.

1. Herbal Supplements – There are some teas that are proven to be harmful to your baby. Other herbs like basil or cumin are generally considered safe. It is best to contact your healthcare provider for more assistance.

2. Seafood with High Mercury Levels - Mercury is usually considered toxic for babies and some fish and seafood tend to have a greater amount of mercury. Infants are prone to be more sensitive when it comes to mercury poisoning. This may lead to impairments in later life.

3. Alcohol – Never ever indulge in a drink when you are breastfeeding. Alcohol seems to stay in the system for 2 -3 hours and the more you chug the longer it will stay in your body. A higher intake of alcohol reduces breast milk output by more than 20 percent. If you do indulge in a drink, make sure to drink and wait for no less than 2 hours before you breastfeed.

4. Caffeine – Coffee, tea, chocolate, and soda are some of the very common sources that include caffeine. Research has shown that caffeine can make its way to breast milk. This will reduce your baby’s sleep and also cause sleep disorders.

5. Highly Processed Foods - Your baby needs to have balanced nutrition and most foods that are highly processed have an unhealthy amount of sugar or salts. They also contain calories and unhealthy fats. All of these are harmful to your baby. Also, research has shown that a mother’s diet during breastfeeding has an active influence on a child’s diet when they grow up.

6. Other Foods To Avoid: Soy products and cow milk products are shown to be allergic to infants.