10 Vital Tips to Recover After A Surgery

10 Vital Tips to Recover After A Surgery
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Surgeries usually leave the patient in a delicate condition with a variety of restrictions ranging from none to many depending on the surgery.

It is always advisable to take a rest after surgery so that the patient is able to recover better and get back to normal life. There are a number of dos and don'ts that are usually maintained after a patient is discharged after surgery. Plan for home recovery after your surgery.

The below tips will surely help you to recover faster.

1. Listen to your doctor- Follow every detail of what your doctor says. Anything your doctor says must have a good reason and you must always abide by what your doctor tells you.

2. Have your meals on time- A meal on time ensures that you have enough gap between two meals and that will help you to have proper digestion of your food.

3. Take as much rest as possible- This might not be possible for working people as they have a limited number of leaves they can apply from but even then, try to rest your body and mind whenever you get the chance.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables and avoid junk food- Junk and fast food need to be avoided as much as possible. The grease and oil from junk and fast food cause only damage to your organs so it's best to stay away from them.

5. Prevent infection at all costs- Wash your hands before and after you have to touch your wound. Stay away from dirt and uncleaned items.

6. Keep your pain in control- If you are facing too much pain you should go for painkillers to prevent pneumonia. Although it is not a good habit to pop in painkillers at every little inconvenience, if it is pain after surgery then you should go for the painkillers.

7. Cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing- Try not to spread germs and so you should cough and sneeze hiding your nose and mouth.

8. Save your doctor’s contact- Keep your doctor's phone number handy so that if any major problem arises, you can call your doctor right away and take his guidance.

9. Stay happy- Do not get upset if you are missing a few days of work or if you cannot go out with friends because healing is important and you will still be able to do everything else once you get better.

10. Sleep well- Get proper sleep to recover better. Sound sleep helps to stay fit and healthy. It also helps to recover faster.