Which kind of clothes should I wear at the gym for getting best results?

Which kind of clothes should I wear at the gym for getting best results?

Gym clothes plays a vital role for getting the best result in the gym.

An intense workout at the gym exhausts, tires, sores, and sweats your body. But the fact is that if you want to look fit then it is inevitable to go through a strenuous workout. The best we can do to make it better is to wear the right kind of gym gear which will keep you fresher even if you are not feeling completely that. The key point of the right gym wear is to keep it lightweight and closer to the body in a flexible way. It is also worth looking for cool logos and statements which will make you stand out among the gym crowd. Whether you go for custom workout shirts or tank tops they should always have a comfortable fit, the fabric should not be a type that gets heavy when absorbs sweat. Here in this article, we will tell you for the things to look for when searching for the right gym clothes and gear.

The right fabric

Fabric comes foremost when it comes to the selection of the right gym clothes for comfortable workout sessions. Some fabrics absorb the perspiration from your body during exercise and some don’t. For gym clothes, you need to make a careful choice among them. Moisture-wicking fabrics that are breathable synthetic material “wicks” the body sweat away and tend to ensure quick evaporation which helps in keeping the body cool during and after gym workout. Gym wear made up of fabrics that have polypropylene are an example of moisture-wicking fabric. They absorb sweat and allow quick evaporation which avoids you from working out in soaked clothes. Sweaty clothes are not only heavy and uncomfortable but they can also cause body rashes due to the toxins in perspiration.

Cotton is comfortable and a good choice for summers but that does not mean they are right for gym work out. Cotton absorbs sweat but they don’t tend to get dry quickly through evaporation. Therefore, cotton gym clothes can become wet and heavy after a time being as you work out. Rubber or plastic-based fabrics are complete No-No as they are not breathable. In a nutshell, the best fabric for gym wear is moisture-wicking material which works in a way to keep the body cool during a workout.

The right fit

The right fitting for gym clothes gives you not only the comfort but also the flexibility that is required by workout movements. The fit varies from workout plan to plan. For instance, yoga exercises need to be highly stretchable but body-hugging. Flowy clothes do not fit well with yoga routines. Likewise, exercises like running on a treadmill or cycling in a gym don't allow you to wear wide-legged and loose pants because they can entangle in pedals or feet and you can trip over. For aerobics and cardio, your clothes should be loose and comfortable. For a shirt, you can opt for a t-shirt, tank top, or singlet according to the exercise you have planned for your gym session. Tank top and singlet differ in fit, singlets are mostly snug fit, without the room for excess fabric or sag. Tank tops can be loose or tight as per design and users' choice. Conclusively, the fit of your clothes must align with your workout design and your clothes should not get in the way of your exercise so you'll have to keep in mind the type of exercise you'll be doing.

Right for the season

Your gym clothes should also be suitable for the season, particularly if your workout platform is in an outdoor setting. In warmer weather, such as in the summer months, you cannot opt for anything that is not breathable and moisture wicker. In cold weather, you will need warmer gym wear. However, they should not be too warm as you are wearing them to exercise and your body temperature and heart rate automatically increase during exercise. It is better to wear the clothes in layers instead of using a single heavy fabric. You can remove the layers according to the rise in your body temperature. In such a case, your innermost layer should be made up of moisture-wicking fabric covered by something insulating. If you are doing your exercises outdoor then you must keep your head, ears, and hands to shield them from the cold.

The most important thing is to keep in mind that you work out to shed weight and fat from muscles and therefore it is crucial to work to the extent to produce sweat regardless of the season and temperature. Keeping this in view, you must wear clothes that are comfortable and designed to suit heavy workouts and sweating bodies. Another key point is to wear washed and a fresh set of clothes for every gym session because perspiration, when left unwashed on fabric, breeds bacteria that can cause skin infections and rashes. Moreover, bacteria grow more rapidly on polyester than cotton. The gym clothes with a sweat-wicking tendency have heavy content of polyester which makes it necessary to wash them after every workout. The mentioned key considerations will guide you to the right kind of workout wear that you should wear to the gym regardless of your gender.