Ways To Shred Fat But Not Lose Muscle Mass

Ways To Shred Fat But Not Lose Muscle Mass
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When looking to cut down on the fat percentage of your body, there are high chances that you will lose out on muscle mass too.

When losing fat, you not only cut down on your diet but also work out more and exercise regularly. Ensure that you know the tips and tricks of not losing muscles.

Losing weight is a slow and steady process and it is possible to do it without losing your existing muscle mass, read along to know more.

Difference Between Fat And Muscle

1. Fat is not as dense as protein and is easier to gain or lose.
On the other hand, it is much more difficult to gain muscle.

2. Fats along with carbohydrates are used as fuel by the muscles.

3. Fat cells lie on top of our muscles just below the epidermis, keeping us warm.

How to Shred fat the Right way

1. Maintain a daily level of fitness, keep your body physically active, and do not slack out on workouts. Taking a few days off may cut down your muscle mass.

2. Be very patient and gradually lose fat, a few pounds a week, for several months to help your body maintain its muscle mass.

3. Get a lot of sleep and allow your body to recover, especially because your body does not have enough fuel to work with during the workout.

4. Do not go for intense workout sessions and refrain from an extremely strict diet.

5. Switch from fats or carbs in your diet to protein and healthy fats.

6. Supplements could be of major help because of the change in your diet, consult a doctor before you start taking any supplements.

7. Nothing helps you lose weight faster than cardio. Moreover, it not only helps you maintain your current muscle mass but also helps you build on it in the process. Anything from cycling, running to even basketball and football is perfect.

8. Resistance training and bodyweight exercises help a great deal in maintaining muscle mass.

9. Make sure to take a rest day and keep yourself hydrated.

When you stay fit, you feel good. There are numerous people who have taken up the mammoth task of muscle building while keeping the bad fats at bay. Therefore, it is crucial to know and understand the ways in which the fat can be ideally shredded. Once you know the ways, you will emerge as a winner.