Diet for Bodybuilders

Diet for Bodybuilders

There's a reason clichés exist: you can't out-train a terrible diet. That's all there is to it. Terry claims that if you understand bodybuilding nutrition, ever

There's a reason clichés exist: you can't out-train a terrible diet. That's all there is to it. Terry claims that if you understand bodybuilding nutrition, everything else will fall into place.

"I'd really concentrate on studying how macros operate, how your body works and how it reacts to certain foods, and what your body requires each day to maintain your weight," he suggests. "Then you can start experimenting with boosting calories [to bulk up] and lowering calories while you're dieting," says our beginner's guide to macros.

To begin, substitute complex carbs, protein, and lots of fats for processed meals (such as coffee shop sandwiches and snacks). According to Terry, if you improve the quality of your meals, you'll be able to eat more. "You'll be able to metabolize it a lot faster."

Terry consumes six (large) meals every day, as well as two protein drinks. Avocado, eggs, salmon, mackerel, and steak are all prominently included, as is "a sufficient number of veggies for micronutrients."

Start small if the notion of eating six times a day makes you feel sick. According to Terry, it's still best to eat six smaller meals – or meals and snacks – rather than three large meals to burn fat.

"Pretend you've been fasting for more than eight hours," he says. "When you eat breakfast, you're revving up your metabolism. If you don't eat for another five hours, your metabolism will begin to decrease, and you'll have to try to restart it with your next meal. It's like throwing a log on a raging fire if you eat every two and a half to three hours."

Terry watches every calorie while he's dieting for a concert, but usually he's much more relaxed. Constantly tracking calories and macros might exhaust you; after you've found out your own personal requirements, use them as a guide rather than a religion.

Cheat Meals in the Bodybuilding Diet

You can't look at Instagram without seeing a massive cheat day feast, but are real-life bodybuilders eating that many calories every couple of weeks? That's not the case. Terry's bodybuilding diet includes're-feed days,' which are days when he consumes the same food but doubles the quantity sizes.

It will only work if you have a low body fat percentage and are completely deprived of energy. "It reboots your metabolism, firing it back up to start burning at a quicker pace again, and it gives you a better pump - so while you're training, blood is forced throughout your body," Terry explains. "It has an effect on your lectin levels, cortisol levels, and hormones as well."

If you're not prepping for a performance – or just want to fill out your shirt – Terry recommends skipping cheat days and re-feeds in favor of a more relaxed weekend approach.

"I'll have one day per weekend where I'm comfortable and not thinking about what I'm eating," he adds. "You're going to need that sanity." Some folks have cheat days where they go completely wild. Because your body isn't acclimated to it, you might potentially cause dietary difficulties."

Supplements for Bodybuilding

It's easy to get caught up in the world of bodybuilding pills, but Terry believes there are just two that are worth investing on. To begin, consume a high-quality whey protein twice a day: first thing in the morning and after a workout (he suggests USN's Blue Lab Whey, which contains whey isolate, whey concentrate, and hydrolyzed whey).

He continues, "The reason for such is the absorption rate." "It's the only reason you'd choose a supplement over a well-balanced meal." A chicken breast takes two to three hours to digest, but whey protein takes only one hour. Whey protein is the ideal option while you're in your anabolic window and need to refill all of your glycogen cells."

He also suggests finding a good BCAA supplement to use before and after a workout to fill out your bodybuilding diet. "It aids muscular breakdown, combats tiredness, and kickstarts the recuperation process," he explains.

Final Thoughts on Bodybuilding

Make your nutrition a priority, work smarter in the gym, and switch up your set types. It sounds simple when you phrase it like way. But there are two more puzzle pieces to be found. The first is restoration. Learn how to use your foam roller.

"I've been exercising for 15 years, but only in the last five years have I truly started stretching pre- and post-workout," Terry adds. "That was one of my adolescent blunders." I just tried to lift large weights, which resulted in a number of injuries. I now undergo physiotherapy once a week."

You'll be OK with our beginner's approach to mobility and stretching. What about the second? Dedication. It's clichéd, but adhering to your strategy is the only way to go forward. There's no room for pizza and beers if you're serious about building bodybuilder muscle. You must make a commitment.

You've learned everything there is to know. It's up to you to take the next step.