5 Benefits of The M-LOK Rail

5 Benefits of The M-LOK Rail

The sweepstakes for which is the most preferred rail system between Picatinny and M-LOK rail have always been high.

Both rail systems come with their own unique set of offerings - the former has a more established name in the rail system category, whereas the latter comes with more versatility. However, how does one pick correctly between the two?

It’s well-established that every shooter wishes to target more precisely. For this, the shooter may need to attach various attachments like optic sight, flashlight, laser, or bipod. These add-ons help with a better grip, stability and provide added comfort to the shooter.

The question still remains - how does one mount them on the rifle? And what if attaching these accessories makes the rifle heavier?

Here’s where the M-LOK system comes to the rescue.M-LOK (or Modular Lock rail system) is the ideal option, as it does not make the rifle heavy, and lets the shooter attach as many accessories with ease.

Years ago, the rail was added onto the rifle's handguard or fore-end but it added extra weight, making shooters uncomfortable. But by the year 2014, these shortfalls were brought to measure by the M-LOK - which worked on slot systems and made space for direct accessory attachment.

The M-LOK rail helps you attach different accessories depending on your target. It also cuts back on weight and consists of narrow slots with T-shaped nuts.

Read ahead to learn more about the benefits of the M-LOK rail system -

1. A versatile range of accessories -

Due to M-LOK rail’s versatility, cost-effectiveness and lightweight, it has secured its place as the widely preferred rail system.

M-LOK design uses T-shaped, narrow and bidirectional rectangular attachments - making it more compatible with a wide range of accessories. Rail panels, lasers (visible and infrared), vertical foregrips, angled foregrips, lights, optics, night vision, backup iron sights are some of the accessories that use the M-LOK standard.

These rails additionally offer dual point attachment, owing to which accessories like lights and foregrips can be mounted with great ease and flexibility.

2. Reduces additional weight burden -

The M-LOK rail system requires smaller diameters. It also allows the addition of accessories with its mounting point design - offering shooters a lighter and slimmer handguard (even with accessories attached).

This type of rail system works well for both metal and polymer parts.

3. The most lightweight rail system -

The more the weight of the weapon, the more the distance between the shooter and the weapon, the greater the force will be required to hold the weapon while targeting and vice-versa. Hence, the M-LOK systems rail has a lower weight as they don’t need an extra mass of external rails. These rails are low profile which keeps weight down.

4. Smoother functionality -

The M-LOK attachment system offers effortless functionality with the perfect hand placement on the handguards. In fact, it increases the overall diameter of the system itself without needing any external rail attachments or any additional accessories. Additionally, the M-LOK handguard also provides a safe and heat-insulated surface, providing a better grip to the shooter.

5. Cost-effective -

The older rail systems required a larger quantity of raw materials and machining of external attachment, which led to an increase in production time, cost, and labor. This isn’t the case anymore. The M-LOK rail system only requires an accurate removal of material, and not machine maneuvers.

The system also has a sequence of uniform slots, provides the perfect edging, and is also low on costs.

Why is the M-LOK Rail a better choice?

In the year 2016, the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), tested M-LOK with the other modular rail systems and it turned out to be superior with regards to consistency, functionality, endurance, failure load, and drop-testing as well.

M-LOK proved to be quite efficient with the least amount of MOA shift when removing or reattaching the same. Moreover, in drop tests, M-LOK attachments remained intact 100% of the time, and also maintained an optics accuracy closest to zero.

M-LOK rail is the most preferred choice for AR-15 owners as a wide range of AR accessories can be mounted or removed from the handguard. This allows shooters to use one rifle for distinct purposes, and different accessories for varied shooting styles.

Wrapping up

To wrap up, the M-LOK rail systems are a better, more compatible choice as compared to older rails. These rails allow a vast range of accessory attachment, are easy to maneuver, and are one of the most durable rail systems at present.

If you’re looking for high-speed precision along with comfort, the M-LOK rail makes for the perfect choice.