Why I’ll WAIT a SOLID HOUR before I get my haircut EVERY TIME…

Why I’ll WAIT a SOLID HOUR before I get my haircut EVERY TIME…

Why Building a Business Around YOU will ALWAYS Lead to Customers

For the last 5 years, I’ve visited the same barber in Milton, Ontario no matter where my work or life takes me.



It’s familiar.

It’s comfortable for me.

And it’s consistent overall.

So what?

One common complaint I hear from new and aspiring Entrepreneurs is that the market they’re in is saturated. Competitive. Has big companies leading it.

And everytime I’ll ask:

“Why are you doing what you’re doing?”

90% of the time, this leaves them perplexed.

“What does that have to do with anything??”

When you start down the road of Entrepreneurship, you’re going to start with a TON of different lights in your face, taps on your shoulder and buzzes in your ear.

But when you know WHY you want to do what you do, it becomes almost scary how simple and clear your business operates.

Everything feeds back to it. In the business world it’s often referred to as your “Vision.”

What a typical wait looks like at my Barber every day for the last five years.

My barber and his crew:

Aren’t interested in being liked.

They don’t care much for fancy frills.

Customer experience isn’t a huge variable for them.

As a result:

They have no social media presence.

They only take cash.

They don’t take appointments.

They just want to cut hair. Together.

That’s WHY they show up everyday.

As a crew. Most of the same guys have stood side by side trimming, zipping and shaving for the 5 years I’ve been walking in here.

What’s the point of all this?

Stop creating a business to please other people.

Create one that pleases you.

Whether you’re a coach or make gluten-free cupcakes … your business should be you.

And your ideal client should be you.

Only then in this economy of “immediacy” will they be willing to wait an hour to see you. ;)