I can’t make that into a real business?!

I can’t make that into a real business?!

3 Steps to Getting Over Yourself for Entrepreneurship…

When I chat with aspiring Entrepreneurs who have ideas that excite them, its amazing to me how many times their internal programming will tell them to simmer down.

Recently, I was having a chat with corporate Project Manager who was interested in finding freedom with Entrepreneurship.

He confessed he waited 6 months to reach out to me, because he was SURE he couldn’t make his “expertise” into a money making business to replace his corporate salary.

His expertise? He wants to make people laugh.

“I want to be a stand up comic. I love making people forget their crappy day and exist in my world of glee if only for a few hours. There’s no way I can make enough money doing that!”

First rule to Entrepreneurship.

1. There is a market and a customer for EVERYTHING!

Don’t presume your gift has no value. You were given that gift for a reason. It will have purpose somewhere in our universe. The true trick is finding that purpose through Market Research. Believe me, after working with 500 Entrepreneurs over the last 5 years I have seen a LOT!

As we talked further, I asked him a direct question.

“Who told you that being funny couldn’t be a real business?”

“What do you mean Bob? No one. I just know”

“At some point, someone programmed you to doubt being funny has value. Whether as an adult, a teen or a child.”

He took time to dig in and really reflect on that question.

“My football coach in high school. He told me being funny wouldn’t ever help me in life.”

Second rule to Entrepreneurship.

This is me running my first TEDx event. It took me a year to believe I could do it.

2. To pursue it, you’ll need to drop every bit of negative programming that exists within you. Even if you don’t know its there.

The only true method to overcoming negative programming is to move through it. When the idea of Entrepreneurship scares you, move one step every time. Reflect on the fear. Understand it doesn’t control you. Take a deep breath, and take another step.

In a practical sense:

a. Commit to researching your idea

b. Admit to people you are researching your idea

c. Start talking to people about how to make your idea work

Keep moving through each step, feel the fear. Take a breath and keep going.

OK. So we’ve defined this “limiting belief” within him. Now, we need to understand what his environment/ecosystem looks like.

Another direct question.

“Make me a list, right now … of who you believe wants to see you happy”

It was a VERY short list.

“OK … I want you to have an open conversation with that list. Tell them you want to explore this idea in your life. Openly ask them for support. Then, look around you. And your network. Find others or groups that can also give you that support, and that you can offer support to in return”

Third rule to Entrepreneurship.

3. No one who every found success in Entrepreneurship ever did it alone.

Don’t hide it. Don’t stay quiet. It’s no different than proclaiming your new year’s resolution. Be open and unbashful about your Entrepreneurial pursuit. Even in failure. The Human need for connection will drive you here, and will drive others to you in return.

At this point, we’ve determined that the only thing holding him back from his idea making money … was him.

Modifying what the great poet “Will ‘Fresh Prince’ Smith” said in the 1988:

“So to you all the kids all across the land, there’s no need to argue <your limiting beliefs> just don’t understand”

At the end of our chat, he came to two very powerful realizations:

1. Its not his fault.

2. He can change his programming.

When’s the last time you stopped yourself from trying out a new idea? Even if it wasn’t for a business?