Are you stressing out from always looking for video and social media content? Learn how to set goals so that you'll never run out again!

Hi all you fabulous people out there.

For those that don’t know.. I’m Carole Parsons of Carole Parsons.Com , Owner Sugar C Media.

The first title in the Pre video and Blog Essential Series is

*********Drum roll please!***********


Oooh my. In my head, I saw half of you cringe and the other half duck.

I hear that voice in your head saying

“Pshaw! I don’t need goals.”
“I just do video when I feel like it.”

Well. Yes! You could do that but…how do you know if your efforts have even paid off? You could just make a video just for the sake of making a video.

However, wouldn’t you like it to make the most impact that it can since it takes time to make it?

Alright…to begin with if you don’t already have a yearly goal for your business go ahead and make that first.

Tying your video and social media efforts to that goal make it much easier to build out the content, create the call-to-action and know what to look for when measuring the results.

When you make a plan, implement that plan consistently and with focus, …goals can be reached.

For example, lets make this easy.

Say that you wanted to make $48,000 at $1000/package this year by selling 48 more of your already created educational packages.

Break that down into 12 months. You’ll need to sell 4 per month and then 1 per week.

Again, let's say, from experience, you already know that in order for you to sell 1 per week you’ll need to have one piece of Social Media content get a reach of 4000 people.

You know that a reach like this will achieve 400 views from your ideal audience once per week.

And 1 video uploaded and then optimized on the platform where that audience hangs out (perhaps as a part of a bigger social media campaign) will get you in front of that audience.

With your goal in mind, the equation to a sale is the following:

4000 reach = 400 views = 1 sale

Knowing what you want to achieve determines the action that you’d like your audience to take and your content will be focused to speak directly to the targeted audience who will buy.

Simple Right?!?

Being purposeful with your content creation is truly key.

  • Factors to keep in mind when planning out your goals are:
  • Do you have the time and/or resources to create one video weekly?

Perhaps you decide that you can only create one per month. Does that mean that you have to change your original goal?


But maybe there is a workaround if you can compromise by backfilling the rest with images, text, and shares.

Goals must be realistic and attainable to be effective.

Using the example above and following the S.M.A.R.T. model of goals.

Here’s what we know:

1. “S” stand for Specific:

One Video per week is necessary to sell one package of educational training.

2. “M” stands for Measurable:

In our example your video sets out to attain a measurable amount of 4000 reach and 400 views per week.

3. “A” stands for Achievable:

With a paid ad strategy, you know that a 4000 person reach and 400 views is attainable every week.

4. “R” stands for Relevant:

Creating one video per week is relevant to the bigger picture of the overall business goal of earning $48000 from selling 48 packages of educational training

5. “T” stands for Time Bound.

Our example shows a year’s plan broken down into monthly and then weekly goals.

Make sense?

Do you have an overall goal for your business this year?
Do you know what you want your video to achieve?

Great questions right?

Make those goals people :)

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