How do we challenge the status quo in what we do?

How do we challenge the status quo in what we do?

Why Core Values helps you break away from the usual educational track.

I’m often asked by aspiring Entrepreneurs how to pick the right program or choose the right information when it comes to education around Entrepreneurship.

The idea that there are THOUSANDS if not HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people offering education in the field of starting a full time or part time business. Some general. Some more specific to an industry.

“Bob! How do I chooooooooose?”

I’ve been an Entrepreneur for a long time in a lot of different spaces during a lot of different Economic times. And the one thing I’ve learned that always holds true is Core Values.

Trying to decide which program to take or who to follow should always be based on the idea of shared Core Values. Do you believe in what this expert believes in. Do you resonate with what they share. And not just from “addressing your pain point” perspective we’re all taught. When an expert in this space speaks or writes, do they share thoughts and ideas that really grab you from the inside?

Core Values.

And the BEST way to understand what those Core Values are exist within their Vision and Mission. Something I talked about with EVERY Entrepreneur regardless of size or industry.

I don’t mind sharing that I do what I do because I grew up with parents who ALWAYS side hustled. They never made the leap because they had technical skills. They were worker bees by nature. But no one to show them how to have a choice in what they do.

The idea that someone could “Create their own Economy” from Entrepreneurship was foreign to them. And even in 2019, there are still many people who struggle to see that vision.

Our Vision at Entrepreneur House, or MY Vision is simple:

I believe every person deserves the choice to create their own economy. To control their destiny in life both from a time and financial perspective.

And I deliver on that Vision through our Mission, or again MY Mission:

I help people create their own economy through tactical education, motivation and inspiration and community and one on one support.

So, the next time you decide you’re ready to take that first step and join us in the future economy of Entrepreneurship, I offer you this.

Read from many. Choose a few. All while guided by YOUR OWN Core Values.