Choosing a Side Hustle: Easy vs. Simple

Choosing a Side Hustle: Easy vs. Simple

Many folks end up doing is looking for something quick and easy. Quite frankly, it’s usually why people fail in Networking Marketing opportunities.

When I meet people who ask for advice around leaving their corporate job, they come to me often after looking for a solution on their own.

And what many of these folks end up doing is looking for something quick and easy. Quite frankly, it’s usually why people fall into Networking Marketing opportunities.

The challenge is that any side hustle that has the propensity to become successful or a full time hustle will never be easy. In fact, if you are promised an easy solution to make money, that alone should be a red flag.

However, it should most definitely be simple.

Let me clarify.

Easy means devoid of challenge. And challenge in Entrepreneurship is what helps build character. Simple means although there are challenges, you move through them successfully. Maybe not unscathed. But in the end, achieve a successful result.

So, when looking for a side hustle that is simple rather than easy there are three characteristics you need to look for:

1. It should incorporate skills you ALREADY have.

I LOVE learning new skills. Without a doubt! However, if a side hustle requires you to learn new skills from scratch, you may find that it will take longer for you to achieve success. And may be more likely to give up out of frustration. I write this because you have to be mindful of your time and headspace. Working full time doesn’t leave you with a lot of room to take on new challenges from scratch. By investing time using skills you’ve already acquired, bumps will feel more like speed bumps over potholes.

2. It should incorporate things you LOVE to do. And conversely avoid things you HATE to do.

When someone tells you their business model is easy, that will still not be enough for you to succeed. If you don’t love or atleast relate emotionally to the work you’re doing, you will fail or quit fast. Consider this. If you struggle to make conversation with people because, well … maybe you just don’t like people … any business that requires that (as easy as it may be) will not be one you flourish within.

3. It should incorporate what the market WANTS.

Easy business models tend to forget the customer journey. Consumers today aren’t the same as consumers of yesteryear. With the advent of the internet, wants have taken precedence over need. You may believe a customer needs something (like a weight loss shake) whereas they may believe they want something (such as a group exercise class). Building a successful side hustle trying to convince people they need something because you think they need something (or someone else has convinced you they need something) is next to impossible. Focus on what they are telling you they want. Then over time integrate what those needs are.

For those of you ready to start that leap into Entrepreneurship and who are exploring options, please please PLEASE take note of what I’ve written here. Working with 500 Entrepreneurs over the last 4 years, everything written here is from pure experience.