4 Easy Ways to Become THE Local Expert in your Community

 4 Easy Ways to Become THE Local Expert in your Community

Learn how to compete in your local market and stand out as a go-to expert in your field of work.

Have you ever had this moment? You’re a year into your Dentistry practice. After some hard work and investments in local networking and newspaper ads, you’re starting to see some traffic come through your doors.

Then it happens.

You hear about another dental practice opening up across the street.

“Well … I guess that’s it. We’re sunk.

 4 Easy Ways to Become THE Local Expert in your Community

You’re thinking of all the debt you incurred in school, and even more you took on to open your practice.

But here’s the thing. Competition is only competition when you don’t have the right clients. When people know you for something that’s pretty general … it's hard to keep their business. You have to compete on convenience, price, customer service … and so many other intangibles while you’re trying to floss Mr. Studebakers teeth and he slobbers all over your hands.

 4 Easy Ways to Become THE Local Expert in your Community

Here’s what to do next!

1- Be THE ONLY Expert in town that knows what you know!

Now, given that new truth you’re absorbing, there is good news! You can TOTALLY get around that! By establishing yourself as the goto expert in the work that you do.

And not just dentistry. I mean something VERY specific about dentistry that people want.

Do you have a town that has a high senior population? Or a lot of young families? Have a look at your client roster. More than just cleaning … What is the ONE solution which most, if not all, of your patients are asking for?

Mouth guards? Dentures? Crowns?

Figure it out, and then BE the expert that knows EVERYTHING about that ONE thing!

 4 Easy Ways to Become THE Local Expert in your Community

2- Leverage local community Facebook groups

Every community has some sort of online groups where the masses gather to talk about their noisy neighbours, their displeasure with town bylaws or some other grimace that exists within their life.

 4 Easy Ways to Become THE Local Expert in your Community

As much as this DOES sound like a downer, this can work to your advantage.

What are people complaining about that you can help with?

What question in these groups are they asking that you know the answer to?

How can you share some knowledge about your one level of expertise to get people really thinking about it?

Type keywords related to your profession in Facebook search and then browse through the list to join active groups with more members, and engagements. You can also set filters to your search such as location to make sure you join local groups. Then dedicate an hour a week or 15 minutes a day (better than meaninglessly scrolling up) to these groups, and you will be amazed at the visibility it gives you.

 4 Easy Ways to Become THE Local Expert in your Community

BUT … here’s the catch. ONLY talk about your expertise. Don’t offer opinions on religion or politics as much as you might want to. You are the goto expert for what you do … and it's not likely filibustering.

3- Master that Google Kung Fu!

I betcha you had no idea there was a local FREE tool from Google that can actually help you rank AMAZINGLY high in Google Search for what you do?

The idea that you can score high Google rankings by sharing your knowledge once or twice a week? Seriously … isn’t that STUNNING?

 4 Easy Ways to Become THE Local Expert in your Community

Start with heading over to google.com/business and start creating a listing for free.

Once your listing is active, commit to posting there regularly (you can use your other social media posts there) and asking for and monitoring your reviews.

The key here is to ensure that you are posting that Google My Business listing all around your specific expertise.

4- Answer On Quora.com

Have you noticed whenever you search a question on google why it always shows Quora in the top results? Because this Q/A website has grown to million users and is a widely trusted platform for answers by experts.

Think about Joining it and then setting up preferences and topics related to your area of expertise and profession. You will then be able to see many questions daily on your newsfeed which you can post answers to if you want.

This will not only give you an idea on what’s popular among users in your niche but the free value will also increase your visibility. It is because readers usually click on profiles and follow them if they “replier” are go-to-experts. Moreover, you can also drop links with your answers for linking back to your own business website or online presence. But don’t spam the website or be ready to get banned.

 4 Easy Ways to Become THE Local Expert in your Community

5- BONUS: Experiment with Hashtags

If you’re on Instagram, try looking for hashtags related to the expertise you have, the

industry you’re in and the local community you serve either by demographic and/or my geography.

 4 Easy Ways to Become THE Local Expert in your Community

For example #Dentures #Dentist #Seniors #Etobicoke. Keep refining this search until you find a lot of active users leveraging that hashtag that you can help. Answer their questions. Connect with them. And let them know who you are and what you do.


Whether you’re a medical professional or belongs to another field and just started your own service-based business, then here are few steps to take now:

  • Be the Expert in at least one thing you do by expanding your knowledge and experience to stand out.
  • Be a member of your local Facebook groups and engage weekly to increase your visibility.
  • Be a regular user of Google My Business and invest some time to do business listings for ranking and getting visitors directed to your services.
  • Be a part of Quora Community for more exposure.
  • Be a Hashtag pro by experimenting different hashtags on Instagram and Twitter related to your service.

And there you have it. You can continue to support the local baseball team or put your money into local networking if you want. But I can guarantee you, committing to these five steps will find you scoring new clients after new clients.

If this really resonated with you and you’ve got more questions, join us for a live training on Tuesday night at 8:30 pm (Eastern Time Zone) over at the Bob Minhas Facebook page.