Best Earring-Necklace Design Combo For An Effortless Look

Best Earring-Necklace Design Combo For An Effortless Look
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Women nowadays are actively explore new styles of earring-necklace design, especially for fashion ladies. This article provides the latest fashion &suggestions.

The best part of buying jewelry sets is that you don’t have to worry about finding the right match for your outfit. Curated jewelry sets are a foolproof way to add pizzazz to your style, all while providing a great emphasis on the jewelry design.

A lot of jewelry styling dilemma revolves around choosing the best earring and necklace designs that will go well together. Since these two types of jewelry are worn so close, it could really make or break your whole look.

Skip the hard part and get yourself an earring-necklace set. After all, matching jewelry is making a comeback. It’s both practical and stylish - so what’s not to love about it? Here are some of the best earring-necklace design combos that will surely convince you to get one.

1. Clustered Gold Beads and Emerald Set

For the nights that you need to stand out and turn your LBD into an elegant red carpet outfit, this is the earring and necklaces set for you.

A choker necklace with an alternating pattern of emerald drops and clustered gold beads matched with a drop earring will surely make heads turn. This design is all about emphasizing the stark difference between the deep green hues of emerald and the sparkly gold beads. It creates an aura of maturity and class that will instantly beautify your outfit.

Wear this earring-necklace set with an off-shoulder fitted black dress or over a turtle neck shirt. It will emphasize your features well and gives attention to your jewelry!

2. Double Hinge Chain and Pearl Set

Add the right balance of elegance and edge to your outfit with this Tiffany-inspired double hinge chain and pearl set.

Chunky chain jewelry is all the rage these days and it’s not surprising to find that a lot of women are drawn to this particular style. After all, the versatility of this design makes it one of the jewelry must-haves.

But there is way too much chain jewelry worn by everyone these days. So why not put your own spin on it? The chain and pearl surprisingly complement each other. The chain link gives a solid body to your jewelry while the pearls soften your look. Pair it with a crisp blouse for office wear or a simple summer dress on a day out.

3. Crystal Festoon and Chandelier Set

Be the Belle of the Ball with a jewelry set of crystal festoon necklace and chandelier earrings. If you need jewelry that will match your gown’s grandiosity, then this is definitely the way to go.

Crystal festoon necklaces are amazing to wear with ball gowns and similar outfits that have full skirts. The festoon design mimics the drapery of your dress and is big enough to not get lost in your outfit. Match it with a pair of equally grand chandelier earrings and everyone will surely see you as the star of the show.

4. Tassel Bohemian Set

Jewelry sets definitely have the reputation of being the fancy and serious ones among all the jewelry designs. After all, a lot of earrings and necklace sets available on the market are quite fancy.

But check out this tassel bohemian set that would look absolutely perfect combined with your summer outfits. We believe that this earring and necklace set design fits right into that Coachella vibe and weekend trips to the beach.

The best thing about going for a tassel bohemian jewelry set is that there are a lot of colors and patterns to choose from. A striking blue and yellow combination would go perfectly with a white summery dress while a silver and gold combination would be a great night beachside clubbing theme.

5. Diamond Sautoir and Threader Set

This particular earring and necklace set design is the definition of elegance.

Show off your impeccable taste in jewelry by getting yourself a diamond sautoir necklace along with a pair of crystal threader earrings. Sautoir is a type of long necklace where a pendant or a tassel is suspended. Having it in all diamond or cubic zirconia makes the jewelry an excellent versatile piece that you can wear from day to night.

By pairing your sautoir necklace with a threader earring, you mirror the length of your jewelry pieces which gives a flattering angle on your features. You can wear this jewelry set with a black long dress for formal nights or a crisp white linen blouse with washed jeans.

6. Metal Torque and Hoop Earring Set

Minimalist and bold are two terms that usually go against each other in design. But for this particular jewelry set, those words perfectly encapsulate this style.

Letting the hardware do its work is currently one of the top fashion jewelry trends for this year. Solid metal finishings with barely-there designs are popular for jewelry because it’s incredibly striking while keeping their simplicity.

A solid metal torque necklace, when paired with chunky hoop earrings, is a perfect example of this design. The style it brings to your outfit is so bold and pronounced yet it still keeps it minimal to a point where you can have absolutely anything with it. Wear it with an LBD or the most colorful and patterned dress you can find and you’re good to go.

7. Simple Riviere and Stud Jewelry Set

Jewelry sets don’t always need to be up in your face for the design to be appreciated. Take this exquisite Riviere necklace and stud earrings set for example —even with the small details, it still adds so much to your look.

For this particular set, most people would choose to keep things monotone with an all-crystal or cubic zirconia design. But with such simplicity in the design, why not go for a multicolored gem Riviere necklace and stud earrings?

It may not be as versatile as the other version, but having colors in your jewelry might just surprise you with the amount of impact it has on your outfit. Multicolored jewelry is a great way to break the monotony of your outfit and provide a focal point to your style.