Sexiest Saree Draping Techniques

Sexiest Saree Draping Techniques

Sarees are evergreen and timeless. You wanted to look gorgeous on your parties and functions wearing a saree. Here are sexiest saree draping techniques for you

Sarees are evergreen and timeless. It’s enchanting to see unstitched, seamless fabric turn into a gorgeous ensemble, each time a saree is draped. Pallu – the loose end of a saree – generally draped over shoulders – is integral in saree drape and design.

To help you break pallu monotony – here, we bring you gorgeous Pallu Drapes the saree lover in you must try – to take your saree game to newer, trendier heights

This is a new-age take on the classic open pallu – where the flowing mid part of the open pallu is pulled and pinned at the waist level, while the loose end is pinned at the shoulders (as usual). This is done for two reasons. One – many women find open pallus too cumbersome, as they constantly have to hold the fabric weight on their arm to keep the look neat and prim. Two – many feel that open pallus lack the structure and definition of a severe, pinned or pleated pallu, especially at the waist area. Heavy weaves, actually, buckle up at this area in open pallus – making the wearer stodgy or thicker at mid-riff, at times. Thus, this new take – where extra fabric is gracefully pulled and pinned at the hip-level. Smart!

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Open Pallu Styles

Open Pallus have an eternal charm – and anyone who loves wearing sarees would surely have fallen to the bewitching fluidity and grace of these. For starters, they are easier and faster to drape – as the hassle of pleating is removed. But, if you fail to carry them elegantly, they also run the risk of looking shabby. And, it’s not too convenient to carry these flowing reams of fabrics – however breathtaking they may be – when you have loads to do.

Nonetheless, open, non-pleated saree pallus have a beauty and rawness – few can resist. Plus, you would surely not want to hide the beauty of a regal weave like Banarasi or the stylized pallu of a designer saree! But what you surely can do is – play around with open pallu styles, by trying any of the following lovely open pallu drapes –

1. Wrapped around Shoulders

Looks queen-like, the open pallu is casually worn around the shoulders – which looks majestic and old-world! Pair with a pearl choker, and stride with confidence, draped regally in a georgette beauty – and see how people can’t stop looking at you!

2. Head Drape

The open pallu is – well, open – so you can play amply with its loose end. In this one – wear the middle part of your open pallu over your head or pin it to your hair-bun. It’s a demure look for weddings, or when you want to flaunt your lehenga sarees.

3. Classic Flowing Pallu

The name tells it all – and well, there is no other drape matching the classiness and casual yet sensuous air of this one! And, if you manage to carry it right – I assure you, there will nothing matching the beauty of this one!

4. Lehenga-style Drape

Popular these days in lehenga sarees and half n half sarees, this pallu drape is worn tightly over the waist area, resembling a lehenga dupatta drape.

5. Dupatta Style

Wear your pallu like you would wear the duppata of your Salwar suit. Open and flowing, but pinned on one or both shoulders at the borders. Or, do with a twist like done in the image – after pleating, loosely drape around, and fold such that borders are together. Pin them, while leaving the fabric in between free and fluid. Add a belt on the waist, and see how you transform into a chic diva!

6. Classic, pinned-at-waist

So, you decided to go all experimental – and don’t want any definition. Take your pallu, and pin it any which way – falling and pin at the waist area. Looks more appealing and glamorous.

7. Flowing Pallu

So, you decided to go all experimental – and don’t want any definition. Take your pallu, and pin it any which way – falling front  or even in the back – or duppatta style, and let your blouse and waist show.

8. Casually-thrown Pallu

Or, go the nonchalant way – and simply throw your open pallu over your shoulder. No pinning, no pulling – just a very relaxed way to drape a pallu. Looks regal in heavy weaves and Banarasi or linen sarees and handlooms like Chanderi sarees / Maheshwari sarees – but has the risk of looking unkempt or even vulgar – if you can’t seem to hold it in place. So – attempt – but with caution. And, don’t expect to dance in it!

Do share your experiments and trysts with pallus and sarees with us – as comments below