Want to Start a Home Daycare?

Want to Start a Home Daycare?

Here is why I chose to be an independent provider.

Faery Childcare and Philosophy Statement: "It is my belief that children learn best with "Play" as the medium; where they learn by exploring while they development of social, emotional, cognitive, language and physical skills. I think it is fundamental to have hope and faith that all children can learn through a rainbow of experiences. I feel that ALL children are capable of steering learning opportunities and enter into care with prior knowledge. Moreover, I believe that ALL children and families deserve the best of care. It is my highest expectation and my personal goal to assist the families and the community in which I live to become an inclusive place where all children can flourish". Lesley Cressman

I restarted my daycare to help out a family friend who was struggling to find daycare. As with every person just starting out in home childcare, it took a year to fill up. But while I was waiting, I called the two licensing agents in my area. The problem came, when they told me I could not signup with both as the Child care rules under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 (CCEYA), where coming in and they did not know what part of the laws the other agency was going to impose. Which seemed strange, laws are laws right? Then I realized the difference between policies, laws, and what is insurable.

So I chose to follow the road a lot of providers do and stay private until all of this sorted out, and the agents knew what they were doing. I am so glad I have chosen to explore on my own. I am able to steer my program based on my interest, the children's  and families interests. My program is a more natural program, we are moving more, and more natural with each day. These are thing that are a huge value for my families and myself.

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Welcome to our play

Faery Childcare

I love our nature based program and I am proud of where the program is headed. It is a beneficent to be autonomous and to highlight what is important; to my program. It is important to say, I value and follow the rules, not because I am being forced to, but because it is the right and ethical thing to do.
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The Creation of Wooden Blocks

Faery Childcare

According to the Coalition of Independent Childcare Providers of Ontario, "Independent home childcare continues to remain the #1 choice in Ontario! Independent childcare providers (ICPs) legally operate within the confines of the Childcare and Early Years Act (CCEYA). It is approximated that only 22.5% of families choose a licensed daycare setting." check out their website for "the multitude of reasons to choose independent childcare."

So far, I have chosen to stay private for many reasons.

  1. I can set my own hours, take on the families that can meet both of our needs.
  2. I can set my own schedule for trips and program additions like our Singing and Signing with Sprouting Hearts. I am sure you can with the liscenced programs.
  3. I can create my own paperwork, polices and enrollment forms.
  4. I can share the resource information in our community with my families
  5. I can run my program following the needs of my insurance, the laws, my families needs and our needs
  6. I can follow my own beliefs in curriculum Reggio, Waldorf and Emergent
  7. It is a taxable business, yes I pay taxes and give receipts

Waldorf Program

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I love being able to explore in our community with the children in our care. This is our adventure to the Rock Spa, in Kitchener, Ontario. We have also planning trips to the lion safari and the Toronto zoo. I believe as long as the parents and I are okay with our trips that is what matters. We travel to the forest, the nature park, the farm, the museum, playgroups and the market. Part of our program is the expectation that our children are capable learners, they can follow instructions and be safe. Which they have done amazing at, based on their developmental domains. It is called safe risk taking, it teaches children to explore safely.

Our Trip to the Rock Spa

Just some of the rules and policies I follow: trust me there are more

  1. No more the 2 under two, and up to 5 children.
  2. Duty to report under Child and Family Services Act.
  3. High Scope Philosophy of Redirection with the 6 Steps for Problem-Solving
  4. Receipts for all clients
  5. The Canadian Food Guide
  6. Medications and the 5 rights policy
  7. Duty to disclose if not licensed
  8. Open door policy
  9. Medication
  10. Water/Trampoline use, based on insurnace policy
  11. Nature discovery
  12. Field trips
  13. Car seat safety

One of the sad parts of the new childcare law is having to say no to families who are struggling. In the past week I have had 5 emails for one spot which is open for 2019. There is not enough providers to meet the needs in our area. Families have told me they have applied on onelist and where told a year and a half wait. I can see why, I would love to help, but following the daycare rules are important to me.

Here is why, we all have a responsibility to the College of ECE , the Act, my children in care, my families, my community and to my peers. I take these rules to heart. So this past year I had to say goodbye to an amazing little one and the family due to the no more then two under two law. It was completely heart breaking. I know some may have chosen to keep the family and hope for the best. However, my responsibilities to the community, peers, and families made me say no.

While I agree the time had come for the rules to be changed they were truly out of date. I do not feel that just because there is a licensed childcare that it means the program is meeting the quality needs: emergent, child lead, free play are essential within a program. There is always a time for cut and paste crafts, but that needs to be after there is an interest into a topic, not just because it is fall and we should pull out the apple file.

Emergent Curriculum: Forest Schools

Saying goodbye is never easy, children grow, they move on to kindergarten which we expect. Having to close your space to families for rules is what we all have to do to be a purposeful and ethical provider.

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Faery Childcare

Thanks for reading a little bit about how Faery Childcare came to be.

Lesley Cressman