SydneyCandace Geikie, CLD

SydneyCandace Geikie, CLD

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SydneyCandace and her husband William have raised four incredible children Sonya, Phillip, Tiyana and Riley. She is a grandmother to Ezra, Ethan, Freya and Tidus. SydneyCandace has a strong sense of loyalty; she has always put her commitments on the forefront.

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Candace loves being outdoors in nature. Due to her husband and children's sensitivity to commercial soap products. Now due to the new government regulations, she is teaching people to make their own natural products.

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Sydney's Charmed Soaps

SydneyCandace has been with A Sacred Journey since the beginning. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Red Tent Facilitator, and a wonderful Oracle Card Reader. Candace has an extensive knowledge base on a wide variety of topics: past life, stones, herbs, essential oils and angels. She hosts a table at the psychic fairs in Kitchener three times a year to sell her natural soap line.

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Red Tent Training

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SydneyCandace is a certified Labour Doula, who is eager to meet the needs of her clients. She is a Postpartum Doula in certification. She is a Breastfeeding Buddy within in the region of Waterloo here. She is a friendly, mellow and caring individual. She would be honoured to be your doula!

Certifed Labour Doula

SydneyCandace Geikie, CLD

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