Belly Blessing Red Tent

Belly Blessing Red Tent

How exciting, October's Red Tent will be part of a Belly Blessing for one of our sisters of the Red Tent...

A Sacred Journey's Red Tent is honoured to be part of the transition and Belly Blessing for one of our founding sisters, as she gets ready to birth her little Turtle!

I, Lesley as her doula and a facilitator of the Red Tent am feeling so proud to have been asked to hold space for this event.

First like always, we will hold our welcome circle and be sharing a meal.

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Our First Red Tent, Two years Ago

A Sacred Journey

Here is what we will be doing for our dear sister Natasha...

First we will make her a head piece...,


I will be collecting the supplies, if your heart is drawn please feel free to bring her a favourite flower to add to her flower head piece.


Next we will be doing a lovely Sharing Sister Bowl of Salt Baths Again.

Belly Blessing Red Tent

Our Red Tent Salt Bowl...

A Sacred Journey

SydneyCandace and I are gathering the base ingredients. If your heart is drawn please feel free to bring a favourite essential oil, herbs or stone to add to our bowl of bath salts. Every sister will have one to bring home.

Belly Blessing Red Tent



We will all be bringing home a candle to light Turtles way, and to support Natasha. Please note, you will be asked, in a private message in the Red Tent Private Group to light it for her when the time comes.

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Henna For Turtle


We will be doing a belly blessing for Natasha and Turtle. This will be an open forum, where all of you may explore my Henna Kit.

If you find yourself wondering about true sisterhood, women supporting each others journey, and judgment free; feel free to come explore a Red Tent, in Kitchener On.

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Belly Blessing Red Tent

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