The Simplicity of Contract Drafting

The Simplicity of Contract Drafting

Contracts are a way of meeting the needs of both parties the parent and the provider.

One of the best parts to start in any contract writing is research: a start date, the parties, the services, expectations, rules, and cancellation. These are the simply basics of any contract  and creating policies you may want to make.

5 Tips for Creating Your Daycare Policies

When I made my first contract, it came about after providing care for a few years. In that time, I ended up having parents not paying their fees, coming early, being late, giving no notice when leaving and so on. The biggest issues were non payment and late pickups.  So the creation of my first contract was very simply, and yours can be a simply process. These are just some of the topics I normally look at including.

  1. The name and location where the childcare is to be provided at
  2. The parents name, contact info, and home address
  3. The child/rens names, birth dates, health needs, immunization, and likes/dislikes
  4. The fees charged
  5. The time care is needed and until when
  6. The types of activites the child/ren will explore
  7. The Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014
  8. First Aid and CPR
  9. Receipts
  10. Sick Policy
  11. Transportation Policy
  12. Discipline or Redirection Policy
  13. Duty to report under Child and Family Services Act
  14. Numbers in Care Policy
  15. Duty to disclose if not licensed
  16. Medication Policy
  17. Supervision of Indoor and Outdoor Play Policy
  18. Sleeping Policy
  19. Food Policy
  20. Sanitary Policy
  21. Water or Trampoline  Policy (some insurance will not cover these)

These are the simple topics on writing a contract for daycare. You may also want to break down your insurance package, the CCEYA, and see if you require add more headers. You  will have to expand on these topics to showcase and explain the expectations for both parties to have a clear understanding of what is what.

Please know that at NEED, we are here to help when we can. If there is any help we can offer you in contract writing let us know. NEED is going to be offering a coffee date meeting to break down contracts in the near future.

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Written by Lesley Cressman, RECE, Faery Childcare