The Creation of Nature-Base Early Education Directory

The Creation of Nature-Base Early Education Directory

#NEEDKW has been in the creation for the last year.

Natasha Kocher and Lesley Cressman are two proud independent home childcare providers in the Waterloo region. They found each other through their love for nature based curriculum planning. They both love being able to take their little ones into the forest as much as possible.

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An article called, Benefits for Children of Play in Nature By Randy White is a great place to start. "There's no way that we can help children to learn to love and preserve this planet, if we don't give them direct experiences with the miracles and blessings of nature." Anita Olds

The Creation of Nature-Base Early Education Directory

Forest Adventure

Faery Childcare

Red River Early Learning Centre is run my Natasha Kocher. She runs a nature, reggio, and Waldorf based program, where she exceeds the expectations of her families. She is a positive supported of the newer home daycare providers as they start their journey as daycare business.

Red River Early Learning Centre

Faery Childcare is run by Lesley Cressman. She explores a nature, reggio, and Waldorf program in Kitchener, Ontario. She is skilled at allowing the children in her care to lead their own learning. She knows the children are capable and powerful learners. Lesley allows the program to become and met the children's needs.

Faery Childcare

It is not surprising that these two women found their way to each other. They have met at many playgroups, the museum, and the forest playground. They both follow the rules of the Ministry of Education.

As they made their way through the last few years they created NEED,

The Creation of Nature-Base Early Education Directory


NEEDKW is a space for families, providers, and community programs to come together. It is a hub space that showcases nature based programs.

The Nature-Based Early Education Directory is a resource for educators and caregivers interested in supporting the holistic education of the whole child through nature-centred, child directed programming.

NEED is not an agency. We do not screen or personally endorse any of the providers that are listed in this forum. The providers in our directory have met basic requirements to be listed which include knowledge of the Child Care and Early Years Act, incorporating nature play in to their programs, and demonstrating professionalism in their practice.

NEEDKW has also started creating foundational supports for providers:

  1. The Directory Link
  2. Caregiver Resources
  3. The Directory Link
  4. Home Child Care Provider Interview Check List Link
  5. Provider Resources
  6. Medication Safety in Home Daycares (plus medication administration form) Link
  7. Writing Your Basic Sickness Policy (plus example) Link
  8. Drafting A Contract for Child Care (plus sample) Link
Huron, Nature, PArk, Kitchener, Ontario

Are you a home child care provider in the KWC area? Do you feel that your program fits within our directory? We would love to accept an application from you. Please fill out form and we will contact you as soon as we can! Link

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