How Could a Fence Turn into This?

How Could a Fence Turn into This?

A Hedge was in the way of our neighbours fence, so we turned it into nature building blocks.

This week we had big changes happening in our outside space. You know it is exciting when all of the kids run to the windows to see the happenings.

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The Removal of the Hedge

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We ended up with lots of branches and we needed to find something creative to do with them. We decided to to make natural building blocks from our pieces of wood. You might ask how many branches were there?

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Our Branches

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Check out my pinterest board for my ideas on Loose Parts and natural building products.

So here are my plans for the weekend. I am going to be using power tools to create building supplies like these.

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Rowdy Pea website

Here is the funny part, I posted on my facebook about these sticks and what I was going to do. The next thing I know, I had seven orders from people and last time I checked over 20 likes. It is wonderful to be returning back to a more natural toys base and a type of play that allows the children to naturally explore their own creativity and wonder.

One of the parts we are going to try and create is a faery house. There are lots of different types of houses, but these are the ones I am looking at creating.

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Faery Houses can get very elabrite, like these, awesome.


I hope you will come back to see our pictures added into this article.

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