The Secret To #Marketing Success!

The Secret To #Marketing Success!

This is the "aha" moment. The 5 secrets (Plus Bonus) to online marketing success and offline marketing success.

1 - Create Quality Messages

The problem with the internet is that we are getting used to FREE and EASY.  Within 30 seconds, we can create a message of some sort and BAM, it's live, online for the world to see.

Here is the problem, EVERYONE has that ability. That means the consumer can jump fast and furious from message to message and get "impressed" by all of you.

The business that creates quality has the advantage for two reasons.

One, they make a deeper impression on the consumer.

Two, they make a deeper impression on the search engines.

Oh, we know, a picture can be worth a thousand words, but the ability to generate trust comes from a combination of words and pictures.

Think about it. When you read a restaurant menu, there is nothing better to provide you confidence in your meal choice, when you see the picture AND you read the description.

Secret #1 - Create Quality Messages

2 - Deliver them to the right people.

Ok, great. You now know your value proposition. The key now is to deliver these messages to the people that want them. Yes, it's true. At any given point in time, someone actually wants what you have to offer.

What do you do? Who do you need to reach out to and what is the best way to deliver them? Take time to think of creating and participating in valuable channels.

If you are trying to grow a painting business, you might want to deliver your messages to people that have new homes, with lots of new walls.

Makes sense right?

Secret #2 - Deliver messages to the people that want them.

quality, content, deliver

Delivering Cold Ice Cream On A Hot Day - Quality - But Not Every Buys

3 - Deliver them to lots of the right people.

In a perfect world, you would deliver one message to one person, and they would become a new customer.  Good Luck!  Any business for the most part requires some "lifecycle" to purchase.

Your client needs to:

  1. Be interested in what you offer.
  2. Understand what you offer.
  3. Trust what you offer.
  4. Require what you offer.
  5. Not have an alternative to what you offer.
  6. Value what you offer.
  7. Be able to pay for what you offer.

The reason you need to deliver your message to lots of people is because of the math.  Above are 7 reasons, that if any of them fail, no business.

Don't take this personally, but not everyone comes to the conclusion that your product or services meet their needs at any given point in time.

Secret #3 - Statistically, not every targeted delivery is ready to do business.

4 - Do the math

Let's go back to the painter.

A painter delivers his message by foot to 100 new homes. 30 Are not interested. 20 Don't trust the painter quite yet. 20 are not ready as they need to get a few more things done. 10 have friends that paint and 15 want to do it themselves.

Good News - You have 5 legitimate leads. It cost you $50 to get some high school kid to deliver your flyers and $200 to print quality door hangers.

The truth is you are paying much more per lead than you think.  It's ok.  $50 is nothing if you generate that money back and then some.

Secret #4 The Math - $50 per lead is not uncommon.

5. Measure

Whatever online or offline marketing you do, measure the results.  Keep a list of the following.  The cost of marketing and the return it provided.  Do you know the value of a single customer?

What's the Moral of The Story?

You got to get out there and a deliver quality messages, to qualified people at a reasonable price.  It's important to understand that not everybody is going to want to buy from you, no matter how good you are for so many reasons.

The bonus secret...If you got to this point, there is one other intangible secret to online success.  Have fun.  That's right.  Whatever quality you put together, whomever you deliver your messages to be it direct or through a media, have some element of fun to what you are doing, because everything above doesn't apply if you are not having fun.

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