Story of a Complete Business Pivot for the Travelling TeaRoom

Story of a Complete Business Pivot for the Travelling TeaRoom

When your business comes to a complete halt because of the Pandemic and all 40 of your events get cancelled, what do you do?

Steps for a Successful Business Pivot Case Study

Linda Barnett the founder of the Travelling TeaRoom explains how she changed her offerings and found a new audience for her products.

  • Her business originally was an in-person business, offering the ultimate high tea experience in homes, businesses and at special events in and around the Greater Toronto area.
  • To sell the experience at trade shows, Linda would also showcase her "teapot" jewellery and specialty blended teas.
  • When the Travelling TeaRoom was forced to pivot, and go online, Linda quickly learned to pivot to take advantage of social media and find a new audience and new products
  • With a sideline business of unique jewellery, Linda expanded the range of products she sold to include other bespoke pieces of jewellery, particularly necklaces and earrings that ladies could wear on Zoom calls.
  • In addition she added other accessories that were important to dress up clothes for different looks on the camera, sleek, shimery scarves and neat slimline more business like accents.
  • With more people staying at home, Linda also added unique "Hidey" socks to her line of accessories for women.   Do away with trouser socks and you have insoles that are slippers when you take off your shoes and are glam.  A new invention.
  • Finding new customers by having online jewellery parties that her friends organized on zoom or Linda did on Facebook lives.
  • Utilizing the feature on facebook to have a facebook store on Linda's Travelling TeaRoom facebook business page.
  • Collaborations with other vendors has also been a hit, partnering with a local clothing store to host online events and holding chakra online tea events.

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How the Travelling TeaRoom Became a Virtual Business During the Pandemic

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