How to Sell on Amazon as a Sidegig and Make Real Money

How to Sell on Amazon as a Sidegig and Make Real Money

Start selling on Amazon as a Sidegig and quickly make real money to make selling on Amazon your main gig!

We learned a lot in the podcast with Janis Carmena the E-Commerce Queen Bee.

Due to an accident on the job, Janis could no longer be an active police officer on the road and was forced to step back in her police career.

Janis was looking for a way to do something interesting to make money that she could do from anywhere, whether from a coffee shop or a boat.  She stumbled upon making money selling on Amazon and went through a learning curve at first to understand the different ways to sell on Amazon.

In this podcast she steps the listeners through these questions

  • Can anyone sell on Amazon?
  • What things can you sell on Amazon?
  • What brands to you sell on Amazon?
  • How do you set up an Amazon store?
  • Will running my Amazon store take a lot of time?
  • How can I learn about selling on Amazon?

Janis takes us through the process of Retail Arbitrage and how an Amazon app helps you discover items that you can sell on Amazon that you can purchase at your local Walmart or hardware store.

From this beginning step, Janis walks you through how to set up your own products and brand, purchasing directly from overseas for greater profit.

This podcast is amazing in the amount of information you will learn.  Tune into this podcast today and start making money on Amazon.