How To Rank On Google With Hyper local Citations

How To Rank On Google With Hyper local Citations

According to Street Fight e-magazine, over 92% of internet users make use of online business directories to find local products and services in their local area

Hyperlocal citation. What is it? How does it benefit a business? These are the questions I am asked often times by prospective clients. If you own a website and want to increase your website visitors (traffic), make sales, get leads etc. then what you are about to read in the following paragraphs will show you how to use hyperlocal citation to grow your business.

What Is Hyperlocal Citation?

local citation is simply mentioning or listing your business NAP (business name, address and phone number) in business directories such as Google My Business, Yahoo For Business, Bing Places, Yellow Pages, Yelp etc. The same applies to a hyperlocal citation, the only difference is; in a hyperlocal citation, it is niche specific and situated in your geographic location.



In SEO,  hyperlocal citation can be seen as a link building strategy, which is a key factor in improving your website's ranking both in your local area and niche. There are several formats of hyperlocal citations, however, the most popular amongst them and valuable in terms of SEO productivity is the NAP (company/business name + phone number + address). There is a huge debate that website URL is an important aspect of the equation too. Anyway, experts say, the 3 basic components; company name, the phone number and the address is enough.

How it works

Hyperlocal Citations is used to help websites to rank in Google searches + local map, by providing Google with information about the business — what the business is all about and where the business is located. Google views businesses that are hyper-locally cited as credible and a trustworthy source, thus, return these business sites in search engine results pages (SERPs) when a relevant search is made.  Business directories such as Yellow Pages and other business directories are considered high authority websites due to their high domain authority (DA). Their main purpose is to get people to find and know about your business. As such, listing your business under these hyperlocal directories will automatically boost your online credibility, which will, in turn, boost your ranking on search engines.

That being said, doing a hyperlocal citations campaign can be time-consuming, expensive and tedious, however, the results are great in terms of ranking your business in the Google SERPs. There are hundreds of internet directories that can be used as a verification sources for your business both on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If the search engine can match the data from a webpage or a business directory, this serves as a verification data and will give the website more authority (credibility). The higher the domain authority, the higher the chances of ranking on first pages of search results for your niche keywords. With that being said, consistency on your business NAP (Name, Address, phone) is crucial for the campaign to be effective.

Steps to implementing a hyperlocal citation campaign

You can use whitespark to find business directory websites to list your business. Alternatively, you can do it manually by looking up the phrase "yourcity + board of trade business directory" or "yourcity + niche + business directory". Once you find a website, submit your business information and wait to get a confirmation that your business has been listed on the site. Furthermore, you can do a local citation audit to check and claim your business mention online and also to ensure that your business information is correct.

One thing to note here is, most big hyperlocal citations websites (board of trades or niche related online directories) requires a monthly/yearly subscription, in other words, they are not FREE. Apparently, because they help to boost your business visibility online (you might be lucky to find some free though).

Final thoughts

Like I made mention earlier, hyperlocal citation is one of the many aspects of , thus, should be taken seriously.

According to Street Fight online magazine, over 92% of internet users make use of online business directories to find local products and services in their local area.

It is said that customers prefer the hyperlocal details and location-specific knowledge to a general info site.