How to choose the right hosting server for SEO?

How to choose the right hosting server for SEO?

A right hosting server is a very important factor for the betterment of the SEO for your website.

The server is a key point of ensuring the success of the website. Before selecting the host server for your website, it is imperative to ensure the following criteria are fulfilled –

• Go for the basic hosting option for the website; however, be sure about your needs i.e. cost & performance.

• Try and get familiar with the necessary items related to hosting.

Here are some of the ways you could ensure that you have the right hosting server for the purpose of SEO

1. Definition of key parameters

Please bear in mind that this step might only benefit the amateurs related to web hosting. Experienced professionals might be aware of this. Aiming mainly the amateurs, there are 3 kinds of web hosting available –

Virtual Web Hosting

For this type of hosting, the key step is to lease separate virtual server. This gives you the advantage of having freedom from other customers as far as the software is concerned which is at a low rate also. However, you may have to deal with adverse “IP Neighborhood” stuff.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Here the process is to lease a server which is not a part of other servers. It offers more increased levels of flexibility and control added with enhanced reliability & faster speeds as well. However, this type of hosting may prove to be slightly more expensive than others.

Shared Hosting

Here you have to share your server with multiple other websites. Regarding cost, this is said to be viable economically. Features wise, it has limitations compared to others.

Before proceeding onto other aspects, it is critical for an individual to get familiar with certain terms associated with web hosting which is as follows –

Disk space – this is the amount of data that can be stored on the server.

Bandwidth – this is measure of the data transfer that happened in one month.

Operating System – You should be familiar with OS like Windows or Linux.

Control Panel – You can include domains over here.

IP Address – This identifies the exact location of the server. The numerical part remains unique.

Server Location - It has a major impact on the SEO and page load speed for your website.

Uptime – measure of the duration of the server being up & running.

2. Get hold on to hosting related reviews or feedbacks

Try creating one list which will include all the providers related to web hosting which you feel are satisfying your needs. It is important to know what others have to say about the website. These are some of the aspects you should focus on while going through feedbacks


If your hosting is not well managed, you will be hunted down by hackers. So you should look for such type of reviews and if any get the fixed.

Customer support feedback

All hosting server go through difficult times, but it is always advisable to respond to customers as fast as possible. After all, responding to customer feedbacks is the very essence of any work similarly web hosting.